Reader Rant: Sunset Plaza – What can we do now?

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by Just B Peace

Regarding the new building concept just approved by the Ocean Beach Planning Board, Sunset Plaza, proposed by World Oil… what can we do now?

My understanding is that the next step following review of the Ocean Beach Community Planning Board is review and decision by City Planning Department Staff. Then, if applicable, appeal review and decision by the City Planning Commission. I don’t have dates to provide.

Contacts for more concrete information:
(note: refer to Project #144781; World Oil Office/Sunset Plaza)

1. City Planning Dept Project Manager = Morris Dye; 619-446-5201;

2. Ocean Beach Planning Dept Chair = Landry Watson; 619-708-3769;

The Ocean Beach Planning Board has a web site with some additional information in the “Project Tracker” area.

The Ocean Beach Planning Board meets every first Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Ocean Beach Recreation Center on Santa Monica Ave. FYI: at the beginning of each meeting there is a slot available for public comment on non-agenda items.

Important Change in Procedure at the Ocean Beach Planning Board meetings:
As learned from this last month’s meeting, there has been a major procedural change at the OBPB meetings. Identical to the City Council meetings, if you wish to speak on an agenda item, you need to submit a speaker’s slip prior to the start of that agenda item. Yes, you need to decide right from the start if you want to publicly speak on the item. Then, once the Project Representative presents and reviews the proposed plans, the formal public comment period begins and ends. Then, that is the final input from the Community. If items surface during the continued OBPB and Project Representative discussion that cause questions and/or additional comment from the public – too bad – NO MORE COMMUNITY INPUT!!! A stinking way to run a meeting when the full purpose of the OBPB in the first place is to gather Community input!! So, for all the folks who thought this particular agenda item was not going to be reviewed until 7 p.m. (as per the agenda provided to the Community)and for whatever their reason (work, child care, etc..)did not arrive until 6:45ish – too bad – they were unable to voice even a word!

As for the discussion and vote of the OBPB on this project – SHAME!

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lsmatthias December 18, 2008 at 11:29 pm

If World Oil is so interested in being a part of this community, why don’t they underwrite the budget of the Ocean Beach Library for next year? It sure would go a long way in proving their sincerity!


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