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by J.E. Christensen / OB Rag blog / October 14, 2008

Ever notice how the word ‘conspiracy’ gets people excited? Some see conspiracies everywhere; others seem almost afraid to accept the idea. Conspiracies are the stuff of secret societies and sinister characters plotting to steal our property or our freedoms. To conspire is often illegal, a crime. The conspiracies that get people really excited are political conspiracies. Those clandestine plotters and planners, the power hungry and paranoids, who seek to exploit our weaknesses, usually in secret because the plans might be illegal or at least very unpopular. It’s the secret plans that threaten us.

Secret plans are especially energetic when power is about to be transferred, such as the upcoming national election. We citizens of the U.S.A., as a rule, take the transfer of power for granted. We really expect everyone to follow the rules. But ask yourself, what would you do if the November 4th election was abruptly cancelled? To quote Thomas Jefferson, to protect democracy we must be “forever vigilant.”

It’s been reported and confirmed (Naomi Wolf/Amy Goodman) that the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division, approximately 4,000 troops, have been deployed inside the United States, their mission; crowd control and subduing unruly individuals. Basically what they were doing in Iraq. And, because most Americans also take civilian control of the military for granted, you might ask, ‘so what?’ Neglect attention to your democracy during these fragile times, when power is shifted, and you may lose that democracy. The military is made up of people, with all the weaknesses, fears and desires we civilians suffer from.

And so, the military has plans, contingency plans. Perhaps these plans were developed a century ago and were only discovered in 1972. Or maybe the turmoil of the 60’s provided the military the rational to develop plans for usurping civilian authority and taking control. But here’s what we have. In the early 1970’s the Pentagon developed a set of contingency plans for the declaration of martial rule. The national plan is called ‘Garden Plot’. Regional plans were also developed. The plan for California is called ‘Cable Splicer’. Before going any further, a fine point is needed. ‘Martial law’ is the civilian authority deciding to suspend due process and other laws in response to some emergency. ‘Martial rule’ on the other hand is the military deciding the civilians have lost control (or need military guidance).
Martial rule is the academic word for a military coup. We’ve heard of coups, they happen in Latin America. And, yes, what I’m describing involves the Pentagon planning a military coup. Don’t panic, these plans have been around a long time. But what worries me are the current conditions; a mercenary (for pay) army, bloodied and brutal after six years of constant war, an economically unstable nation in the throws of a potential electoral power shift unlike any in our history topped off with the frosting of a financial meltdown. Yes, you could say these conditions provide a solid footing for some paranoid speculation.

Regarding ‘Cable Splicer’, the plan reportedly outlines the steps military personnel are to take to seize control of a community. Local elected authorities and community activists are ‘detained’ for their own protection. Media is seized, broadcasts controlled, due process is suspended (but then that’s not new) and the military assumes authority over the local police, water and electrical systems. Each region has a similar plan with ‘Garden Plot’ linking all the plans together. According to the plans, the Pentagon will return power to civilian authority when the Pentagon decides the conditions are acceptable.

‘Garden Plot’, let me introduce you to the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry. We are approaching what could be a history shift in the center of power. A democratic landslide coupled with a financial market meltdown of historical proportions could unleash unintended consequences.

Contact your Congressional representatives immediately. Demand military accountability, transparency and assert civilian democratic authority. Be forever vigilant.

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sk1951 September 5, 2010 at 5:58 pm

I belive he said Republic not democracy.


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