Obama raises $10 million after Palin speech vs. GOP raising only $1 million

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Associated Press / updated 6:20 p.m. PT, Thurs., Sept. 4, 2008

ST. PAUL, Minnesota – Barack Obama’s presidential campaign said it raised $10 million Thursday following the Republican National Convention speech by rival John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton said Palin’s address, heavily laced with digs at Obama, prompted an outpouring of donations from more than 130,000 donors.

“We’re up over the previous record and the number is still climbing the more Palin’s attacks are covered on cable and network news,”

The Republican National Committee announced earlier Thursday, at mid-afternoon, that it had raised well in excess of $1 million since Palin’s speech. Republicans expect Palin to mobilize their donors. But the Obama camp promptly used the speech as a fundraising hook, sending an overnight e-mail to supporters to contribute.McCain can no longer raise private donations for his campaign because he has decided to accept $85 million in public financing for the fall campaign. The Republican National Committee, however, can continue to raise money through its victory fund. His campaign reported raising $47 million in August, an impressive amount for the Arizona senator that broke his previous record.

Obama is not accepting the public funds and is continuing to raise money from private donors. Fundraisers have said he and the Democratic National Committee will have to raise more than $100 million in September to stay ahead of McCain.  Here’s the link.

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