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Frank Gormlie Promises to Tell “the Straight Truth About DUI’s”

OCEAN BEACH, CA. To the shock of naive domestic bloggers and awe of long-time supporters, one of the editors of OB Rag blog has now been exposed as a lawyer. Editor Frank Gormlie is, in actuality, a criminal defense attorney during the day. He has set up a website very close by and promises to tell “the straight truth about DUI’s in San Diego County.” Gormlie, claiming his fees are reasonable, is outraged by the extravagant and ruthless high fees that some un-named law firms charge their clients for DUI’s. He claims:

The Truth is – there is very little to negotiate about DUI’s in this County and in this day and age. Most people who are arrested and charged with a DUI have very little “wiggle-room” in having their case resolved in their favor.

He adds:

… the vast majority of DUI cases are not dismissed, are not resolved with a “wet reckless” or “dry reckless”. … by far, most people who are arrested for a DUI – plead guilty or are convicted. … for a first-time DUI – there is no jail time. Some law firms try to frighten their prospective clients with claims that they are looking at 6 months in jail.

Gormlie does not do this, he says. He will not give prospective clients “a load of BS in order to extract high fees.” He asserts he will not frighten DUI defendants into thinking they will go to jail if they don’t hire him.

Gormlie says he is interested in “educating his clients, not soaking them.” Why, you might ask? He says he is just tired of seeing fancy law firms taking outrageous fees from clients, many of whom are working people and need their savings.

To see his website, go here.

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