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by on July 2, 2008

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English trucker protesters fear their businesses will be wiped outEnglish Truckers Protest at Parliament

LONDON, ENGLAND: July 1 – Hundreds of road haulers from across the country gathered outside Parliament to protest against soaring fuel prices. Spurred on by horn blasts from trucks and buses thundering towards Parliament Square, Peter Caroll, of lobby group TransAction, told the placard-waving crowd of truckers that their whole industry was facing extinction. [Go here for the BBC article.]

Fears that English Protests Could Escalate

There were some fears that the carefully orchestrated protest, which was carried out in co-operation with the police could escalate.

“I can see wildcat protests taking place and it will not just be London that is affected,” said Mike Wright, 61, a driver with the Heathrow-based Roy Bowles airfreight transport company. They will block every motorway in the country and then the Government might listen. This is the worst state the industry has been in the 40 years that I have been a driver.” [Go here for the Telegraph article.]

Millions of Truck Drivers On Strike in India

A worker cleans a truck in Allahabad, India. Millions of truck drivers went on strike across the country Wednesday.NEW DELHI, India (AP) — Union leaders say millions of truck drivers have gone on strike across India to protest rising fuel prices and road tolls, in a move that could paralyze much of the Indian economy. Union leader Gurinder Pal Singh told The Associated Press talks between the main truckers’ union and the government broke down Wednesday and the “strike is on until there is a solution from [the government’s] side.”

The All India Motor Transport Congress represents 4.8 million truckers. It is demanding lower taxes on diesel and the repeal of a recent hike in toll road fees, which they say are eliminating profits. Government officials were not immediately available to comment.


French Truckers Block Roads in Fuel Protest

Agence France-Presse / 07/01/2008

PARIS — Hundreds of truckers staged new protests against high fuel prices across France on Monday, blocking main highways and snarling commuter traffic around Paris. Between 2,000 and 3,000 trucks took part in the demonstrations, according to the National Transport Operators Federation (FNTR), the industry’s main body with 12,500 members. [Go here for the article.]


Australian truckers protest against rising fuel costs

July 01, 2008

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Fuel protests spread to Australia on Tuesday, with truckers blocking commuter highways to rally against rising oil prices. About 100 truckers arrived on the main highway from Newcastle to Sydney, driving below the speed limit to clog the traffic. [Go here for the article.]

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