Keith Olbermann Calls Bush “a fascist”!

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Olbermann’s Special Comment on FISA: President Bush Is a Liar and a Fascist

Keith Olbermann, probably the best television news commenter, and most left-wing, called President Bush “a fascist,” on his regular MSNBC program, Tuesday night, Feb. 14th. Here are his comments, and the video. It’s simply great.

Democrats in the House of Representatives are closing the shop down tonight, until a week from Monday… leaving President Bush twisting slowly in a wind of his own creation.Our third story on the Countdown: the FISA bill – and the retroactive immunity for the telecom giants that helped Mr. Bush illegally eavesdrop on Americans – will thus just sit there, unacted upon, not even a temporary extension which the Republicans and Mr. Bush refused, despite the President’s threats that if the bill isn’t passed by Saturday, there’d be a breakdown in counter-terrorism surveillance and plagues of locusts and stuff.

A Special Comment, in a moment.

First the details.

House Democrats, in essence, calling the Republicans’ bluff.

They staged a walkout at mid-day… led by John Boehner, who in one act managed the cheesy political theater, and managed to get out just as Representatives were to vote on Contempt of Congress citations against Harriet Miers and Joshua Bolten.

That the Republicans just happened to walk to a stand-full of microphones… pure coincidence.

The President had started all this, with his now-daily message of fear, with what he apparently sees as a threat, to postpone his scheduled trip to Africa.

The House should not leave Washington without passing the Senate bill. I am scheduled to leave tomorrow for a long-planned trip to five African nations. Moments ago, my staff informed the House leadership that I’m prepared to delay my departure, and stay in Washington with them, if it will help them complete their work on this critical bill. The lives of countless Americans depend on our ability to monitor terrorist communications.

Having lost, he now says he’s going to Africa – another threat, or promise, unfulfilled.

Now, as promised, a Special Comment.

[For the rest of this article and video, go here.]

Posted by Adam Howard, AlterNet on February 15, 2008 at 5:20 AM.Transcript via MSNBC

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Dave Sparling February 15, 2008 at 11:55 pm

The fact they let Olbermann trash “w” the crusader just don’t smell good to me. I just see this as part of the Neo-Con plan. Just something to make the dumbest among us think things are normal. I have no doubt that in the end “w” will get what he wants.


Frank Gormlie March 12, 2008 at 8:18 pm

It is not “normal”, my kind sir, for a major media news commentator to call the President of the US a “fascist.”


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