Biden’s Age

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sealintheSelkirks September 17, 2023 at 1:47 am

Some days DK comics don’t work. Other times they are absolutely spot-on. This one is, bluntly, not working.

As someone who was the sole caretaker for the 84 yr old maternal grandfather suffering through late-stage Dementia to finding him dead one morning, which from my experiences I see much of the same in Biden’s behavior and speech that is nearly identical with the early mid-stage back in the early to mid 90s when I visited.

Same with Sen. Feinstein. Along with McConnell’s brain freezes. I remember that ‘nobody home’ look quite well. Hey, brains get old and stop working worth a damn. I’ve seen it, I’ve dealt with it, and it sucks but having a ‘Gerontocracy’ of end of life age group politicians in power we had better get a handle on facing this growing problem.

Along with the stilted/stiff and fragile-looking way of walking which was my Grandpa Jimmy, he also had his okay days just like these politicians do but his time was mostly inside watching tv re-runs…in other words he was harmless which you can’t say these people are.

As a matter of paying attention, so has The Former Guy’s recent campaign speeches if anybody has been paying attention. Biden is going to “start WWII” and then goes off on Obama because he beat him in an election…??? There are some definite signs of cognitive function loss often and that’s piled on top of his…questionable intelligence level that his Ivy League Wharton School of Business’s top professor is quoted as saying about him…

But this Superman ‘saving’ the Ship of State cartoon? When Biden has always been about upholding the Status Quo? Totally off-base because that’s not what he’s really doing. He’s just pleasing his donor/owners.



unwashedwalmartthong September 24, 2023 at 12:24 pm

I agree with Mr Seal.

And why is it the U.S. has only two major political parties?


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