Loving Ideas About How We Can Live — from Black Lives Matter

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by Ernie McCray

I just put down
a wonderful read
“How We Can Live”
which was written to give
young people,|
our children,
a few loving
principles to abide by
during these times.

The book’s ideas
come from
“Black Lives Matter’s”
efforts to encourage society
to change its ways,
especially these days
when so many White people
in the nation
are trying to deny students
from learning significant truths
about our country’s past
when future generations,
are faced with the task
of making amends
for the plethora
of social and political wrongs
that have been allowed,
to go on, for far too long.

Such history demands
that they find paths
that will lead to
folks of all stripes
someday getting along.

“How We Can Live”
gives children ideas
for how to navigate
such a journey.

And, though it was written
with Black youth in mind,
the lessons it puts forth
would be relevant
for children
of any race
or ethnicity
as anyone,
no matter who they are
or where they come from,
would benefit from
ideas in the publication
about embracing, unapologetically,
who they happen to be,
and every child should entertain notions
of appreciating differences,
of treating others with empathy
and engaging with others
in a spirit of love and fair play,
ready to listen to what others
have to say,
and working with them
as seekers of racial equity,
caring people
who are respectful of their families
and people of all ages,
and sexualities
who contribute unselfishly
to the village
in which they live,
making sure their community
is one in which
women are held dear.

“How We Can Live”
helps Black children
understand that
they’re descendants
of Africa
who need to work collectively
in behalf of the diaspora
to see that
all of humanity
are treated justly,

When I sat the book down
I couldn’t resist thinking
of what a wonderful world
ours could be
if everyone
acted thusly,
holding true
to the ideals
of liberty
which compose the essence
of what Black Lives Matter
has to offer
as it takes the lead
at this stage
in a people’s history
of trying to transform
its country

into one that serves the needs

of all who make up its citizenry.


Black Lives Matter

keeps “The Dream”

alive today,

it’s eyes on the prize

that “All Lives Will Matter”



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Marie January 5, 2023 at 5:51 pm

Your words carve out a rainbow
Coaxing marble like Michelangelo.


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