Ron DeSantis, Pimp in Disguise

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in From the Soul

by Ernie McCray

Ron DeSantis,
the governor of the
state of Florida,
has recently been referred to,
because of something he
put some Venezuelans through,
as a “prankster,”
but I see him for what he is,
a gangster,
a human trafficker,
a pimp in disguise

based on a few go-betweens I’ve run into.

over time in my life.

Now, to be fair, unlike them,

the gov

hasn’t committed his crime

prancing around wearing

loud red suits

and a gold-brimmed feathered hat

and spit shined Stacy Adams shoes,

and diamond rings and bracelets and necklaces

with pricey oak tasting cognac on his breath

and keys, in his pocket, to a sparkling Cadillac

that looks like it just

rolled off the rack,

tipping up on, ready to smack

one of his street hustlers

if they have the wrong answer to

“Where the money at?”


No, this Florida head of state

isn’t quite like that,

with his dark business garb

sans bling

other than a wedding ring,

but he’s similar to those

hegemonic cats in that

he, in the manner in which they operate,

whispering in some future trick’s ear,

jived some innocent undocumented

human beings

who were seeking a better life,

into thinking he had

their wellbeing in mind,

transporting them from San Antonio,

the home of “The Alamo”

to Martha’s Vineyard

where the rich and famous go

to rest their bodies and souls –

where they were to enjoy

housing and rich job opportunities

according to a politician dripping sleaze

like sap issuing from a maple tree,

who didn’t give anybody on the receiving end

of this crime against humanity

a heads up

but the islanders

in the town who were around

stepped up

in a spirit of love and decency

and welcomed and housed and fed

very confused and abused human beings,

who had been grossly mislead,

with warm respect

for their dignity.


Now, of course, the payoff for Mr. DeSantis

isn’t money, or a fast life,

luxuries your stereotypical

human trafficker seeks

but he’s pimping a nation

for political gain,

basking in the publicity

he’s received for his role

in a people’s misery,

gathering all the name recognition

he can claim

as he sharpens his sights

on the presidency,

a reality that would be a tragedy

because this sorry so and so,

like his hero,

from one presidency ago,

would be an extreme danger

to the survival of a democracy.


All this to say that our nation is indeed

in trouble,

in disarray,

as more national leaders

try to lead our attention away

from how we should behave

in a “just society”

and it’s not looking as though

it’s going to get any better

until those of them

who make a mockery of our laws,

like this governor of the

Gator State,

and the traitor

whom he emulates,

have their day in a court

that, from all that we see,

would likely send them off

to watch their respective rear-ends (literally)

in a federal penitentiary –

as that should be their fate.


For both their disgrace

and the country’s sake.


If that never happens

we should cease


“No one’s above the law

in the United States.”

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