More Reasons to Support the OB Rag : the Writers – We’re Nearly 3/4’s the Way to Our Goal

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As we wind down the week of our annual summer fundraiser, we can proudly say we’ve now reached three-quarters of our goal of $2,000 — $1480 to be exact.

And to add more reasons for our readers and supporters to donate to keep us goin’, it’s the people, the writers for the Rag. Nowhere else can you find their writings, reportings, observations, poetry and photography.

Geoff Page

Through his reports on the goings-on at the 3 local community planning boards, Geoff keeps the Peninsula informed. His excellent research into the state of the OB – San Diego Pier is unrivaled, and he was the first to determine the pier needed to be replaced.

Ed Decker

Ed has joined the Rag with a monthly “advice” column. You can’t read his superb wit anywhere else.

Judi Curry

Judi’s restaurant reviews are infamous! The author of 3 cook-books advises her readers of which eateries are her favorites and which she wouldn’t return to.

Colleen O’Connor

Colleen keeps us plugged into a feminist’s view of national politics and reminds us of the politics of an unkempt city.

Ernie McCray

A retired principal and teacher, Ernie shares with us his poetry as an acute observer of life.

Kathy Blavatt

Kathy’s expertise on garden growing and knowledge of Point Loma’s nature is unique. Her photography beautifies the pages of the Rag like none other.

Joni Halpern

Joni’s carefully-written and sensitive insights lend an intellectual layer to the Rag.

Mat Wahlstrom

Having recently joined the Rag, Mat brings a fresh perspective of city hall and its politics.

Charles Landon

Charles has single-handedly resurrected the video on our website.

How to Support Us

Send us a one-time donation via our PayPal button on the homepage;
Become a regular monthly contributor; via PayPal on the homepage;
Send us a check made out to “OB Rag” to:

OB Rag
PO Box 7012
Ocean Beach, CA 92167

So, help us keep the OB Rag alive and well – send us a donation during this week of our Third Second Pandemic Summer campaign.

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Frank Gormlie August 26, 2022 at 11:19 am

As of Friday, we’re nearly 7/8s to our goal, having now raised $1,730 in donations and pledges.


sealintheselkirks August 26, 2022 at 12:46 pm

Hey Frank, I’ll be sending my yearly piddly little check on Monday when I go to town. As usual I’m late to the party…but it’s climate stuff that’s been keeping me off the computer. Too hot to sit up in the office most days or go outside due to having somewhere over 50 days of above 90-112’F heat. A blip of not-so-bad as last year (officially 120’F in this county on the Canadian border) which is honestly just a slight reprieve at best knowing what the science is screaming bloody murder about that nobody really wants to pay attention to as it will mean a change in lifestyle…

But I’m glad to see that people are pulling out their sparse cash to keep it all going! Good for you everyone!



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