Sempra Joins Pile-On Against Saldaña, Helps Fund Attack Group ‘New San Diego’

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Veteran politics writer Matt Potter over at San Diego Reader has just contributed to our understanding of just who and what are attacking City Council candidate Lori Saldaña.

Potter found out that giant Sempra Energy, “which maintains one of Sacramento’s biggest influence peddling operations,” is funding the attack group New San Diego that has targeted Saldaña.

Repeating much of what Rag writer Geoff Page reported on in who has donated to the group mailing out hit pieces, Potter did state:

Sempra made its $2500 donation to New San Diego on December 20, per the corporation’s Major Donor filing for the year 2021, dated January 22, 2022.

Curiously, New San Diego’s disclosure filing covering 2021, dated January 25, 2022, does not show the Sempra donation, raising questions about the present status of the company’s contribution.

Potter commented that many see the Primary vote in District 2 as “a referendum on the performance of … incumbent Jennifer Campbell ….” He reported:

The city’s big labor-big money nexus, including Democratic mayor Todd Gloria favor the 76-year-old Campbell’s reelection bid. … [C]ontributors (to) New San Diego are looking to avoid untimely discussions of Campbell’s pro-SDG&E record by knocking Saldana out of the Fall contest.

City campaign disclosure filings dated May 6 and May 9 show that New San Diego has thus far spent $34,129 on the anti-Saldana mailers.

Potter did note that despite Saldaña being accused by New San Diego / Gil Cabrera / Jen Campbell of going on “far-flung trips” funded by major oil and utility companies and paid for by the non-profit California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy, “Sempra is a major backer of the California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy, and SDG&E Senior Vice President Daniel Skopec is on the foundation’s board.”

Now Sempra has joined the pile-on against Saldaña. So – which is it? Is she a tool of the utility and oil companies or not – and if so, why is Sempra now attacking her?

The accusations don’t add up. Campbell, establishment Democrats, Todd Gloria, Republicans are freaking out that Saldaña may very well be sitting in the D2 council seat come the November election.


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