Putting an End to a Tyrant’s Rule with Truths

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in From the Soul

by Ernie McCray

Vladimir Putin
pursues his lifelong dream
of reigning over all
the land
and air
and sea
in his proximity,
singling out Ukrainians to take the brunt of his
inhuman atrocities:
bombing and storming them,
looting their wealth and shooting them,
rolling his tanks down their avenues and streets…

Then he makes the world cringe
spinning dizzying
propaganda and lies
bent on twisting his citizens’ minds
with the idea that his mission is divine,
a battle of “good versus evil,”
them against
NATO and the United States and neo-Nazism,
devices of distraction from the truth
by a master of disguise,
a man with KGB
on his resume
and evil in his eyes.

But a brave and caring woman, a producer
on Putin’s state-controlled TV,
televised a sign she designed
to bless her people with news they could use
to understand what Ukraine is going through.

She, of course, was arrested for her actions
against such a dishonest autocracy
but she’s let us in on a possibility we should never hold in secrecy,
that, perhaps,
weighing a tyrant down with truths
might ultimately become how the world can help
bring an end to his rule
and others like him.

Aka: Somebody in the cyber world should be working on a tool
to get rid of him.


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