Massachusetts Congressman: ‘The Coup Is Still Underway’

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Here is an excerpt from a Jan. 3, 2022,  Op-Ed by Jim McGovern, a US representative from Massachusetts –and not by some aging radical hippie:

A year later, a fundamental question remains: Will the Jan. 6 insurrection be swept under the rug, or seen for what it could be — the beginning of the end of American democracy as we know it.

Many of the people who failed to overturn the election are now using the levers of power at the state level to rig future campaigns.

They’ve introduced more than 440 bills across 49 states designed to hijack the election process and suppress the right to vote. This represents a dagger to the heart of the American experiment: that the people get to decide who is in charge. Chillingly, 34 of those bills have become law in 19 states.

Those who manufactured the crusade to steal the 2020 election know how and why they failed. They are laying the groundwork to overturn the next election successfully. The coup is still underway.

Make no mistake — an aspiring dictator, egged on by his allies in Congress, failed to hold on to power this time. But those very same people haven’t given up — they are analyzing their failures and will continue their brazen attempts to seize power by any means necessary. This is not some academic debate: In future elections, they might succeed in the unthinkable.

To thwart them, we must continue to expose what happened on Jan. 6, to demand accountability for those who planned and participated in the attacks, and to take every action necessary to defend our democracy. We may not be so lucky next time.

Jim McGovern is a US representative from Massachusetts.

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