The Heart of the Garden

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By Kathy Blavatt

Valentine’s Day is a fine time to ignite the “amour” in your life.

Balboa Park’s Spanish Village patio inspires messages on the heart! ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

Valentine’s Day is by far the most romantic holiday. Valentine flowers and warm hearts remind us of those we love. It is the prelude to Spring, welcoming fragrant scents that burst forth from colorful blossoms.

A lipstick red Passion Fruit Flower blooms just in time for Valentines Day. ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

Nature shows us how to revive and re-energize as we awake from the winter cold and darkness.

Luckily in San Diego, we can hardly complain about the cold, yet many locals think it’s the end of the world every time it rains!

The longer days help us restore our strength as life around us reawakens with songs of migrating birds and scents from newly sprung blossoms.

Sit in a garden or venture outdoors and rekindle with the significant people in your life, share memories and the special bonds you share as you enjoy your surroundings.

San Diego’s landscape and ocean are prime for romance, and it easy to find scenic beauty throughout the City and the peninsula. Walking, biking, and picnicking in the fresh air revitalizes the spirit and one’s health.

San Diego’s parks are lovely, especially when it comes to romance. It is hard to beat Balboa Park for a wonderful date.

Balboa Park wood staircase leads down to the Palm Canyon walkway. ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

Besides the popular attractions, exploring the out of the way walkways and landscapes can also be enchanting.

Squeezed between the Casa de Balboa and Fleet Science Center is one of the more intriguing Balboa Park gardens. It is the historic Zora Gardens Nudist Colony which Richard Requa designed. It includes a stone amphitheater used by nudists during the 1935 – 1936 California Pacific International Exposition.

Zora Gardens was a government-funded work relief project during the Great Depression! I wonder how well it would go over these days if they suggested the government funding a COVID Nudist Colony Garden?

Zoro Gardens history sign. ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

If you walk towards the fountain, Fleet Science Center, and look over to your left, you will see a bridge that leads over Park Boulevard to the Balboa Park Cactus Garden and the Rose Garden. Roses have a history of being romantic, but the park’s Cactus Garden is also a perfect place for romance.

Balboa Park Cactus Garden along Park Boulevard inspires romance and fun when couples count the many cactus hearts. ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

If you look carefully, hearts, a bunny, and Micky Mouse make an appearance! ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

Besides hearts, it doesn’t take long for your imagination to soon be seeing cactus bunnies, Micky Mouse, and other fantasy creatures.

San Diego Botanic Garden’s iconic waterfall transports you to a tropical paradise! ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas (formally Quails Garden) is a magical place. I am always amazed at the variety of plants and how well they are displayed. It shows how almost any kind of plant can be grown in San Diego.

One of the newer exhibits is a large greenhouse with a sublime collection of tropical and exotic plants. It is adventitious to look up, down, and all-around to see many unusual plants tuck into finely planted displays

The Glasshouse at San Diego Botanic Garden is stocked full of exotic plants. ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

Besides the incredible plants, the San Diego Botanic Garden has fantastic artwork displayed beautifully throughout the garden and exhibits.

I especially like the living plant sculpture figurines that are on permanent exhibit.

Living plant sculpture of mask covered male figure made out from a variety of succulents. ©Photo by Kathy Blavatt

The garden’s enchanted green warrior also reminders us to wear your COVID mask!

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Douglas Blackwood February 13, 2021 at 1:46 pm

Very comprehensive, and heartfelt words on the magic of lovers delight: beautiful pictures deepen the mood. Great writing Kathy!


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