It’s Shameful that Treasonous Trump Republicans Are Celebrating ‘President’s Day’

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Here it is – today is “President’s Day” – a holiday meant to celebrate all American presidents and specifically Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays.

And here we are – more than three months after the Presidential election in November – and the Republican Party still refuses to accept Joe Biden as The President. The nation watched over the weekend and witnessed 43 US Republican senators refuse to hold Trump accountable for the bloody, seditious January 6 insurrection.

Not all Republicans – and certainly not the 7 who voted to convict – nor those in the House of Representatives who voted to impeach. And currently there are hopeful signs that the anti-Trump wing may even form a new party.

But the main wing of Trump’s party, including those sycophants in state parties who have censured the brave GOP’ers who didn’t go along, are apparently the majority. And it’s shameful that today, they are celebrating President’s Day even while dishonoring the current president – not to mention, the will of the people.

Of course, it’s more than shameful – it’s outright treasonous.

Yes, those who tried to block the peaceful transfer of power are traitors – traitors to the Constitution, how ever flawed it is. Those in Congress and those armed, insurrectionists who attempted to take over our government – are still engaging in treason. The insurrection truly continues.

However flawed he was, we celebrate Washington’s birthday because he established the very first peaceful transfer of power. The very part of our history that has now been destroyed – we can no longer say we have this uninterrupted tradition. Trump and his minions made certain of that.

And we celebrate Lincoln for holding the nation together during its first civil war and for leading the country into taking its first step in the liberation of African-Americans. And in demolishing the citadel of white supremacy – the Confederacy – something akin to what Trump and his White nationalists would love to see resurrected.

It’s shameful that they are celebrating today.


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