Where Are We With Ideals of Liberty and Justice for All?

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Where Are We With Ideals of Liberty and Justice for All?

by Ernie McCray

I could only shake my head
as I took in the
storming rampage
of rage
that took place
at “The People’s House,”
the U.S. Capitol Building,
in D.C.,
the other day:

mostly White,
scaling a historic
architectural masterpiece’s wall
then flooding its hallowed halls
with kind of a
symbiotic fusion
of malice and lunacy,
an insurrection
under the direction
of a president’s
seditious fairy tales
of voter corruption,
terrorists enraptured
in the haze of his
maniacal seduction,
and guns
and poles,
and smashing,
and taking selfies,
and spraying mace
in the faces
of the federal police,
dragging and beating
and crushing one of them
in a doorway,
going after journalists
as they captured,
in words and pictures,
such an explosion
of moral decay
and it blew me away
that most of these
bonafide enemies of the people
walked away alive
that day
because I
couldn’t help but think
how if
a Black mob
or a Brown mob
or a Red mob
or a Yellow mob
tried marching up to that building
with that level of rage,
bent on
overrunning the government
in their dissent,
they wouldn’t make it
over a fence,
let alone,
climb a wall
and storm a hall.

Bodies would
be strewn along sidewalks
and streets,
soon to be featured
in obituaries
and racist tweets,
seen as beasts
who dared to sing
“No Justice! No Peace!”

It’s painful to have
to have to make such a call
but more of our citizens
now, know,
that I’m not the least bit wrong
at all.

So, we Americans
just might
want to look
at this disastrous
failed attempted coup
against our country
and ask ourselves
at this stage of a
still new century:

“Where are we
with ideals of
‘Liberty and Justice for All?’”

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