OB Rag Writers on Their Fears about Trump’s Attempts at a Coup

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Concerns and fears of what the lame duck autocrat Trump will do next as he and most Republican leaders refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden’s election victory engulf voters who upheld democracy on Tuesday, November 3. Fears of some kind of coup and transition stalling tactics by Trump and his sycophants are on the minds of many Biden voters.

So, I queried OB Rag writers and columnists on their thoughts about all of this – and they’re not pretty. Their worse fears paint a dark future for our country.

Judi Curry is afraid that Biden won’t have all the information he needs for a smooth transition, but worse, that Trump’s refusal to accept defeat could lead to a”civil war” because “all those Trump supporters will use all the guns and ammunition they have purchased just for this moment.” Judi fears that “Trump won’t leave peacefully and dire methods will have to be used to get him out,” while COVID continues to increase because of Trump’s refusal to listen to medical personnel.

Writer Joni Halpern believes, “The President is mentally ill and has no ability to engage in reasoned or principled decision-making.” Joni thinks Trump”will be quite unable to take any action that he perceives as undermining that fragile self-image he has spent his life protecting.  So we can count him out of any other choices except the kind that he has made throughout his life.”

“I think it is entirely possible he will try to instigate a circumstance in domestic or international affairs that will call for military intervention,” she says.

“Perhaps he will even call upon the military itself to instigate the chaos. Then he can declare martial law, allow his thugs to take over the streets, and announce that the state of emergency requires a postponement of the transition to a new president.”

She agrees that may sound far-fetched. “But,” Joni reminds, “he has already fired key persons in the Defense Department and has plans to fire more in intelligence and other areas.”

“These firings are widely perceived as retaliation against persons who have not defended his interests in the past.  But it could also be that they are persons who would never agree to assist him in instigating a confrontation that could lead to war or other national crises.  Without these folks to object, the President is unfettered.”

“Our one defense,” Halpern says, ” is to stay deeply involved and opposed to everything he does.  We have learned from this President that our institutions can be corrupted or compromised, our political leaders can function without conscience, and our only hope to save our democracy is to speak out wherever we can, as often as we can, regardless of the sacrifice required.”

Columnist Kathleen Blavatt sees Trump as a bully, focused only on himself, and “is a child behaving badly,” who needs “a timeout!”

However, another writer, who wished to remain anonymous, agrees with Halpern and that:

“Trump is capable of trying anything including fabricating a national emergency, declaring martial law, attempting to use the military to put down anyone who dares fight for democracy and then doing mass imprisonments without trials.”

This writer draws a lesson from history. “Don’t forget [Trump] is a member of the Republican Party who under Nixon in 1972 were planning to kidnap leftists and imprison them in concentration camps in Baja to prevent protests during the ultimately aborted San Diego Republican Convention.”

These neo-fascist creeps can justify any acts that further their multi-national corporate agenda and program for self enrichment. And the worst part is that the clueless deplorables that have voted for him and against their own interests, even after his disgraceful and evil four years in office, will roll right over like good little Nazis while they march any dissenters off to Camp Reagan.

OB Rag columnist Richard Riehl from North County outlined his concerns. “By my count this morning,” he said, “President Tweet has 68 days remaining for him to do damage to the country before being escorted out of the White House on January 20.” One big concern for Richard about Trump, was the “firing his Secretary of Defense for disloyalty, replacing him with a loyal retired Brig. General and an Under Secretary for Policy, who, according to a June 18, 2020 story in the Washington Post, once tweeted that President Obama was a Muslim terrorist.”

Riehl asks, “Who else will the president fire, placing in the position another wild-eyed loyalist?” He notes that “over 70 million people voted for the president, many, no doubt, drawn to him for his claim that a President Biden would take away their gun rights?”

“It’s not hard to imagine a few of them, even less mentally sound than Trump, being tempted to keep that from happening? Let’s hope for an overabundance of security for the new president on Inauguration Day.”

Fearing the damage that Trump can still do, Riehl says: “It doesn’t take more than a day for a president to issue an executive order. Here’s one that Trump signed on his Inauguration Day: freezing the federal workforce, prohibiting government agencies from hiring any new employees. Who knows how many executive orders he might produce over the next two months, designed to sabotage Pres. Biden’s legislative agenda?”

San Diego City policy wonk, Norma Damashek, whose articles the Rag republishes, replied that “Trump gave us plenty of warning that he didn’t intend to relinquish the presidency.  He made it clear that losing was not an option for him.” She added, “Rational people may have hoped against hope that he was kidding but, actually, what he’s doing now was pretty predictable.” Norma adds:

What’s most alarming to me at this moment is not Trump but the huge number of Republican politicians who continue to enable, protect, and lie for him. I can’t figure out why they’re still in his thrall.  How come he retains such tight control over them?  What gives him the power to keep calling the shots? It’s a mystery.  And it hangs ominous and heavy over the Biden administration.

Columnist Collen O’Connor agrees that “there is a possible Coup D’Etat in the making,” – not “just a bureaucratic, or political one” but “also, a financial coup. Trump has been looting the country’s coffers since before his inaugural; brazenly and constantly, and probably illegally.”

Colleen likens Trump’s admiration for other soulless dictators and how they use “propaganda, virility, corruption and violence to stay in power.” She says:

Indeed, the violence and chaos, aimed at delegitimizing trust in anyone but the strongman, are premeditated and often heinous.  Think the Khashaggi murder. From Mussolini to Trump, each strongman proceeds to loot their own country’s coffers, arrest, fire, disparage and discipline any non-believers. Toxic Machismo. The patterns are consistent as if a Handbook for Coups exists.

O’Connor’s greatest fear, besides “Trump’s bureaucratic coup”, is this: “the threat of martial law or the invocation of the Insurrection Act.”

She asks, “How to repair the damage? And how to navigate the treacherous waters that lay ahead?” Colleen answers her own question:

The FBI rightly calls the someone like Trump, a “barricaded subject.”  … And the experienced Biden team is responding accordingly.  Like grownups.  Getting on with the job of governing.”

Eternal vigilance required to detect provocateurs that will trigger such a response; as almost happened during the Portland protest or at Lafayette Square. Here is hoping that Michael Cohn is right when he suggests Trump will continue to wail, create chaos, deny reality and just go to Mar a Largo for Christmas and never return to D.C.

Then off to a Trump TV/Radio show to continue the bombast, the lies and the cheating. As his niece, Mary contends, he will never concede.  “All he’s got now is breaking stuff, and he’s going to do that with a vengeance,” she wrote.

Already Trump is advertising the PAC (with anonymous donors, of course) as a fund to fight his multiple frivolous election lawsuits, but in the fine print, it is also a vehicle to pay off his campaign debts.

Colleen warns, “Beware another WMD misadventure,” and that we need to “be vigilant.”

Regular columnist, Ernest McCray, balances his fears about Trump, with his “joy” of “knowing that enough of my fellow Americans felt like me, that we had absolutely had about as much as we could take of a ‘Realty TV Star’s’ four or five year ‘Horror Show.'”

Reflecting many of our thoughts, Ernie says, “In my mind he’s gone, …” But “regarding his coup and not conceding, and all that, well, that’s kind of out of our hands.”

We did what we were supposed to do. And who knows what this fool might do now? Literally anything!

But out of all that’s going on I have, basically, one very major concern: that he might set those scary-ass armed to the teeth ‘I’m White and I’m Proud’ yahoos out on our streets, knowing that he could do such a thing just as easily as I could once shoot a layup. And my fear is I ain’t got no gun and I can’t run like I used to – so if that shit went down I don’t know what I’d do (smile).

Okay, I share many if not all these concerns and fears.

What about you, dear reader? What are yours?

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bobo November 12, 2020 at 10:58 am

I agree with all the above. He’s already told us his intentions and the MAGAs keep dismissing it as “just what he says”. But he’s already put the wheels in motion by getting the MAGAs to believe his bullshit. He’s dangerous and needs to go ASAP.


Geoff Page November 12, 2020 at 3:01 pm

Well, I read everyone’s comments and I can see why folks think the way they do. But, I am not as alarmed. Having spent a lifetime in the construction business, I have seen the kind of person that loudly voices threats but never backs them up. Just hot air. t-rump is one of these. I agree with Michael Cohen who said t-rump would leave for his place in Florida around Christmas and just never come back. The worst thing for this guy is not the actual defeat, it is having to admit it publicly. His ego won’t let him face that so the only recourse is to run away.

I also am not as worried about things he might do while still in office. I believe there are enough people in government and the military who will not go along with anything truly destructive. Does anyone really believe our military would agree to enforce martial if declared by this idiot? These are everyone’s fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, cousins, and friends, does anyone really think they would side with the orange one against everyone else?

t-rump will do what he can before he leaves office but with very little real support, it won’t amount to much. His 70 million voters do not all consist of pot-bellied rednecks brandishing guns, they are only a part of those voters. Sadly, many of those voters are regular people who believed he was the better choice. But, these are not people who would respond to a call for arms from The Donald.

Despite my advanced years, I still say, have faith people, this will pass.


Rob Camacho November 12, 2020 at 3:37 pm

While Trump attempting to invalidate the results of a fair and legal election are extremely troubling, many of my concerns are what happens from this point on following the 2020 election. Trump’s main goal of bringing about litigation to question what is an open and shut defeat for his re-election bid seems to be an effort to erode public confidence in the election results and lay the ground work for questioning the results of every closely contested election in the country from this point forward.

What further concerns me in particular is Republican leadership’s failure to resoundingly condemn Trump’s false accusations of election fraud; and seeing the GOP leadership play along with Trump’s charade knowing full he has no legal ground to contest the results of the election. The result has been this oxymoron scenario where by indulging in Trump’s narcissism Republicans are attempting to bolster a “stolen election” fantasy, while also celebrating their party’s Senate and House victories in the very same election.

With trust in public institutions (especially the electoral process) eroding rapidly, long term this Republican led trend of sowing doubt in the election process, demonizing mail-in voting, manufacturing illegitimate claims of voter fraud, ‘illegal voting’, etc. appears to be the latest evolutionary step in the conservative playbook to disenfranchise as many potential future voters as possible to maintain their political foothold. My big fear is if/when another future candidate without the same liabilities and incompetency of Trump, ones who are not as overtly racist in their rhetoric attempt to utilize the same tactics he is currently using and has used for the past four years. With so many anti-majortorian and minority rule boosting elements codified into our constitution my fear is that the stage is being set for other political leaders to pull similar moves in 2024, 2028, and beyond. Donald Trump I can be described as many things. A racist, a white supremacist, a xenophobe, a right-wing ethno-nationalist. But sadly, it was incompetency not these these vile world views and values that sunk his re-election. The spiritual successor to Trumpism will likely not be as easy to shake, especially as other more skilled and savvy politicians look to emulate Trump’s populace playbook.


Bob Edwards November 12, 2020 at 3:40 pm

Love the picture of Ill Douche!


Mat Wahlstrom November 12, 2020 at 9:30 pm

Sadly, these are all real possibilities; and even the least-worst outcome will damage our nation.

Yet so far, elected Republicans and GOP adherents from the top down refuse to admit that anything is unusual, let alone call out what is happening as unacceptable.

Can there be any doubt that they are engaged in this selfish calculation?
P: If I say or do what is true or just, and Trump succeeds in becoming Dictator for Life, then I could end up in a camp somewhere.
~P: If I say or do nothing, and others manage to make things right, then everyone will forget about my craven behavior and I can move on without consequence.

Whatever happens, history will not forget — nor forgive.


sealintheSelkirks November 13, 2020 at 5:04 pm

History WILL forget and, to an extent, forgive because it is pretty obvious how short the attention span of United Statesians have become. How long did it take before Nixon was ‘rehabilitated’ and came back out into the public eye as a ‘Senior Statesman’ and started showing up to wealthy parties and gatherings of the elite? And most recent has been Wbush who seems to have been immediately rehabilitated because Obama refused to prosecute him or Cheney for War Crimes and Mass Murder in the unprovoked attack Iraq that broke not only the Geneva Conventions but the Nuremberg Principles. Even when the documented evidence came out showing that Cheney cherry-picked then influenced the very few demented intelligent analysts that would buy into his lies, and then his buddy Libby outed CIA intelligence officer Valerie Plame who was working undercover tracing nuclear weapon sales. Anybody go to prison for that?

And didn’t anybody else notice that Wbush is linked to Biden’s campaign because he endorsed Biden? How could ANYBODY shake hand that is dripping with the blood of a million dead Iraqis is absolutely beyond me. I couldn’t do it. Did everybody forget how much we hate that guy and wish he was in the Dock at the Hague answering for what he did?

I mean, if I killed somebody for their resources, what’s in their wallet (oil under the ground) do you think the judge would accept my defense that we should look forward to the future and not dwell on what is behind us? Just how well would that work in a San Diego Superior Courtroom? But if it was Florida I could say I was scared for my life and it was a preemptive self-defense…but only if it was a black guy…

I have a picture of Il Duce, too! A screengrab off of a framed eBay photo that was 4-sale with him and his mistress Clara Petacci and the five other guys who tried to get out of Italy hanging from a gas station roof support by their ankles. Sometimes the good guys do win, just like the election in Bolivia that just threw out their coup government of Trump clones. But it took a year of being killed in protests, beaten, jailed, etc to do it.

That, my friends, is dedication to Democratic rule. No ‘electoral college’ crap to negate the will of the people, just straight one person one vote. We also really need a lose the election- immediately vacate rule…



Chris November 14, 2020 at 6:51 am

I think it’s a real stretch to say we will descend into civil war and I have a hard time believing anyone really believes that. Now that we voted Trump out, I am more concerned/hopeful Joe will actually do a good job.


sealintheSelkirks November 14, 2020 at 11:02 am

I don’t know if it’s a real stretch to think of the possibility but since it’s happened before in this country one can only hope it doesn’t again.

That he continues to purge people that aren’t exactly as loyal as he wants them to be, and in positions of power, and the lawsuits continue to be filed…I’m thinking the least we can expect is that he will burn down the ‘house’ as much as he can in spite before he exits with as many destructive acts and executive orders as this regime can think up. Especially if the lawsuits don’t gain enough traction quickly enough.

More ‘Dictatorship Than a Democracy’: Trump Purge at Pentagon Increases Fears of Coup-in-Motion

“The purge happening at the Department of Defense, in the middle of a messy transition, should worry us all.”




Judi Curry November 14, 2020 at 2:28 pm

Believe it Chris. Believe it.


Chris November 15, 2020 at 7:33 am

I still think it’s a stretch. What I DO believe is there will be more skirmishes scattered around the country like what happened in DC last night. Some more violent than others. But hey I don’t have a crystal ball so who knows? Time will tell.


Frank Gormlie November 17, 2020 at 1:53 pm

You know what really gripes me? The failure of the President of Mexico to congratulate Joe Biden on his win. Hopefully somebody can prove me wrong, but the supposed leftist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has yet to acknowledge the win as of Nov. 10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/11/10/amlo-not-congratulating-biden-similarities-to-trump/


sealintheSelkirks November 18, 2020 at 10:58 am

I’m thinking he’s expecting a coup so why be on either side when you don’t want to be on the losing side? Smarter to stay neutral maybe, at least for now? Wanna get the RWNJs wealthy owners in his country pissed off also? Naw…



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