OB’s Bookstore, Run for Cover, Presents Author of ‘American Daughter’ – Mon., March 16

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in San Diego


Run For Cover
Monday, March 16
@ 6:30pm
4912 Voltaire St
Ocean Beach, CA 92107

OB Rag just received this email:

SO very sorry to share this news. We had to cancel our SD book tour due to the coronavirus.


OB’s only bookstore, Run for Cover, is presenting the author of a new and remarkable memoir, American Daughter, written by first-time author, Stephanie Plymale, on Monday, March 16 – at the storefront on Voltaire.

By Lisa Willis

The book is receiving incredible interest from national media outlets across the country. Stephanie will be in San Diego the week of March 16 as she makes her media and multi-city book tour.

American Daughter tells an extraordinary story of trauma, healing and transcendence-

At age 4, Stephanie Thornton Plymale survived a full throttle, head-on collision in a mail truck stolen by her mother’s boyfriend. Again, at age 5, sat in the back of a van going 70 miles per hour, Stephanie survived a drunken rollover crash. She was twice physically unscathed but left mute with trauma, a condition which would come and go for years. She later suffered life-threatening burns due to neglect and became blind in one eye.

Homelessness evolved to isolation in the Dependent unit of the state of California – to placement in several foster homes, one of which being horribly abusive. By age 10, Stephanie’s experience was that of criminal neglect, chronic hunger, truancy, homelessness, and ongoing sexual violation. The terror and fear that she experienced as a child she later uncovers are the insidious ripple effects from an appalling crime that occurred in the summer of 1953 in Baltimore, Maryland, and made national news.

Stephanie’s mother suffered from severe mental illness; schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder, was in and out of jail and a series of ghastly psych wards throughout her entire life. Meanwhile and despite all odds, Stephanie’s lifelong desire for a sense of home led to her passion for interior design and burgeoning career in the industry. However, time seemed to stop when Stephanie received a call from her mother after a period of estrangement that was enforced by a court order. Her mother revealed her terminal illness and Stephanie became her mother’s sole guardian.

Timing became critical for Stephanie to address her longing to seek the truth about her devastating childhood and lost heritage. She began a series of “interviews” with her mother in an attempt to find answers and to get her mother to take personal responsibility for the past. In one of these interviews, her mother reveals that she herself was the victim of that horrific crime in 1953 that plagued her as a child and for the rest of her life. This revelation incites the unlikely redemption and reconciliation between mother and daughter. Her mother also revealed a stunning and illustrious ancestry that she had kept hidden for decades. Stephanie grew up thinking of herself as “white trash” and knew nothing until then of the aristocratic family heritage from which she came.

Stephanie Plymale is currently the CEO of Heritage School of Interior Design, a premier and growing national interior design school.

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Frank Gormlie March 11, 2020 at 3:13 pm

From PR people: “SO very sorry to share this news. We had to cancel our SD book tour due to the coronavirus.”


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