OB Optometrist Ben-Moshe Gives Out Free Eye Exams and Glasses to OB Elementary Students

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in Ocean Beach

Dr. Eli Ben-Moshe in a somewhat dated photo. From his business facebook page.

Editordude: We couldn’t pass up this great article at the Peninsula Beacon about our friend, Dr. Eli Ben-Moshe, Newport Avenue’s optometrist. Had no idea he was doing this – providing free eye exams and glasses to needy student at OB Elementary. And he’s been doing it for years. Eli moved into his location when Dr. Donald Mitchell was still practicing. Dr. Mitchell was my family’s eye doc for years. Please read this great piece by Scott Hopkins.

By Scott Hopkins / Peninsula Beacon / Feb. 11, 2020

Visual health is critical to success for students of all ages in today’s classrooms and Dr. Eli Ben-Moshe is determined that no needy students at Ocean Beach Elementary School will be hampered by vision issues.

Ben-Moshe’s Newport Avenue Optometry has been a community fixture for 50 years and serves hundreds of area residents. But, as a father himself, he has a special place in his heart for children.

For more than a decade, Ben-Moshe has been working with staff members at the school, located closeby across Sunset Cliffs Boulevard from his office, giving the gift of excellent vision to children who would otherwise struggle in classrooms.

Children who see blurry images are often frustrated and fall behind their classmates, a combination that often manifests itself in behavioral issues that require intervention from teachers and counselors. Parents may admonish their youngsters, not understanding what difficulties are caused by their child’s uncorrected vision.

For the balance of this article, please go here.


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retired botanist February 11, 2020 at 3:44 pm

Nice! As someone who has to spend a ton of money on basic eyeglasses each year, not covered by Medicare, I absolutely appreciate this generous community service Dr. Ben-Moshe provides. Kudos, and heartening to know, in our current national swamp, that there are folks out there who still give back. Thanks for the up-lift and blessings to him! :)


Claudia Jack February 12, 2020 at 7:48 am

Dr. Ben Fantastic, thanks for being a Community Player!! You are making a difference~ Claudia Jack


Toby OB February 12, 2020 at 8:44 am

Thank you Dr. Ben for your generosity and community support.


thequeenisalizard February 12, 2020 at 9:13 am

Thanks for helping those in need Doc. It’s a wonderful thing you do. It makes it even better that you do it without needing recognition.
You are a gift in these trying times, and a real credit to our community.


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