Russia to Offer Trump Asylum If Things Go Badly for Him

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stands behind the Oval office desk in his recent visit with Trump.

If things go badly for Trump, Russia is getting ready to offer him asylum – much like they did to the former president of Ukraine when he was forced to flee to Russia in 2014 after the Ukrainian people threw him out. Okay, it was meant mockingly, but one never knows.

Over at the Daily Beast, reporter Julia Davis offered an in-depth look at various instances of Russian state TV’s reporting on Trump, in a post entitled, “Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Agent’”. Davis reported on how Russian state TV does not even pretend anymore as they openly call Trump their ‘agent’ — and joke about offering him asylum, and on the stunning moment when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov once again met with Trump in the Oval Office and posed for a photo with the U.S. president, standing above him as Trump sat at the renowned Resolute Desk.

 “Russian state media was gloating over the spectacle,” David writes. “TV channel Rossiya 1 aired a segment entitled ‘Puppet Master and ‘Agent’—How to Understand Lavrov’s Meeting With Trump.’ ”

After the recent visit A Russian state TV host “added a cynical new a narrative filled with half-joking ironies” about what happens whenever Trump is out of office – mockingly offering him asylum.

“Appearing on Sunday Evening With Vladimir Soloviev, Mikhail Gusman, first deputy director general of ITAR-TASS, Russia’s oldest and largest news agency, predicted:

‘Sooner or later, the Democrats will come back into power. The next term or the term after that, it doesn’t matter… I have an even more unpleasant forecast for Trump. After the White House, he will face a very unhappy period.’”

The host, Vladimir Soloviev, smugly asked: “Should we get another apartment in Rostov ready?” Soloviev’s allusion was to the situation of Viktor Yanukovych, former president of Ukraine, who was forced to flee to Russia in 2014 and settled in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

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Dena Sanders December 16, 2019 at 8:08 pm

Impeachment him he’s corrupt


Dena Sanders December 16, 2019 at 8:17 pm

Impeachment him.he wants to cut alot of people off there food stamps and that’s gonna cause more crime.people gonna do what they got to to fewd there family. He’s making a huge mistake .God be with us all.if he don’t fix this problem im gonna have all my friends and family to vote him out and we know every one in bell co and they will join is on this no if ans or buts.


Fran Wofford December 17, 2019 at 5:48 am

He has committed crimes against the United States of America. If you let him get away with it, then you are setting a very dangerous precedent. People are losing the aid that they need in order to put food on their tables to feed their families and keep roofs over their heads so that the rich can keep their pockets full. If we don’t get rid of trump and if he is not convicted of the crimes that he has committed, may God have mercy on our souls because it’s going to be an all-out War in my opinion. Nobody is above the law not even the president and we need to set that precedent now so that every future president knows that and that the American people can finally trust politicians to do the right thing. Cuz I’m telling you right now the American people do not trust politicians because all we hear are lies and more lies and they get away with it. And the American people are tired of it. We won’t equality across the board. People who make less than $100,000 do not need to be taxed the same amount that people who make over $1000000 a year. People are tired of being walked over and tired of working two to three jobs to make ends meet while the rich just get richer. It’s just not right and it’s not fair and I don’t believe that’s what the founding fathers meant when they drew up the Constitution. Please do what is right.


Christopher Thomas December 17, 2019 at 7:12 pm

Impeachment him? Huh?


Chris December 17, 2019 at 7:13 pm

Impeachment him? Huh?


John B October 18, 2020 at 12:47 am

Trump may have an arrangement with Putin that if he loses the election
he flies to Russia and is granted asylum, therefore escaping from penalties
for his many crimes against the USA and it’s people


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