Reader Rant: ‘Okay, Boomer’ and the Dilution of Grit

by on December 13, 2019 · 34 comments

in Ocean Beach

By Rick Boyd

I see, “Okay Boomer.” written in social media as a sarcastic dismissal of anyone older than 20 – remarking about anything that bares an air of responsibility, or sense, or even in a shockingly revolutionary form of actual disagreement.

But “okay boomer” is the least of the concern. Words, now banned by the same generation for being insensitive or not politically correct are now flung freely at those of us who would dare express that opposing thought.

Threats come just as quickly but are as empty as their users abilities to back them up. To these social justice warriors who act as our jury and judge. Who scoff and roll their eyes at our words and actions then use the full weight of their followers to shame us for “bullying”, “racism”, or whatever other inappropriate definition chosen as a trigger word they can use to quickly label and dismiss the rest of us.

I know who I am and what I stand for. I am not what you decide.

I take special notice of the comment, “Okay Boomer” because it is SO incorrectly tossed about. But I will get to that. I will defend my generations roll first, Generation X.

To those flinging comments of judgement or dismissal into the ether, I have a few words.

Those action video games many of you like to play are likely based on the greatest of us. Created in real life, outside, by us. The last of the free range generation who spent ourselves every day and landed our heaving ribcages in our beds each night to heal.

We endured an environment of consequence, injury, death, championships, failure, rejection and victory. We created the X games to showcase the most talented of us.

Tony hawk is a real person. Our generation went outside from dawn until dusk. We used every muscle of our bodies and maintained a medium coat of sweat most of the day. We went to the nearest of our houses for fuel and drank from garden hoses and went right back to building ramps, new types of skateboards, minibikes, go-carts, etc.

We spent our days working, inventing, finding, making, and working toward goals as groups. We rode, shredded, grinded, carved, and got air never imagined before. We found and pushed the boundaries again and again. We coined and earned our terms like radical.

We didn’t need to get tattoos to show people how tough we were. Our scabs, scars and actions did the talking. We didn’t make threats. Especially empty threats from a “Safe Space”. We issued direct declarations of war and went to work at each other then and there and became close friends out of new found respect and camaraderie.

We didn’t fear confrontation. No one would ever consider the shame of a sucker punch let alone this trend of stifling anger for years until becoming a school shooter. We corked the volcano during school and either cooled off or let it rip just after school. Unless it couldn’t be avoided and then the classroom or hallways would have to suffice. And it was all over but the punishment.

Oh yeah we got that too. Some of us more than others. We had a code. We had and gave respect while demanding none. We earned everything we got. One way or the other. We respected those who came before us. The Boomers.

We appreciated our parents’ generation. Those who fought wars and have scars so deep no one can find them but all can see them. I’ve seen men and women from my parents generation sleeping on sidewalks. Discarded by this generation. Stepped around by yoga pant clad, jabbering imbecilic idealists who consider doing their part as a post on social media commenting against climate change while sipping from a plastic cup through a plastic straw stuffed in a plastic lid that will end up thrown in the street moments later.

These generations before us, the “boomers” created the actual special operations war fighters your war video games are based on. They were those people, or fought beside them, supported them, lived with them, born to them or, very likely, lost them. They built and earned us our safe neighborhoods, rock & roll, punk rock, and the ability to speak freely.

But before you go using that freedom for delivering some smart ass quip regarding age and coolness, think about who your talking to, or more likely, at or about. Everyone who came before you created your conveniences like smart phones, latte machines, and even the pajama pants you wear in public while walking your “fur baby” while the rest of us are at work. So pick up your dog’s shit so we don’t have to surf in it and if you feel the need to judge or dismiss someone for not making a perfect world for you, go find a mirror.

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Sam December 13, 2019 at 1:39 pm

Well said Mr. Boyd! I want to be the president of the Rick Boyd fan club!!!


Paineful Truth December 15, 2019 at 5:27 am

As an early millennial (34), I have one thing to say to you and your unearned accomplishment-sharing with people of actual potency unlike your narcissistic self.



(OGB) Gold Guy Boomer December 15, 2019 at 4:06 pm

As an old guy (73) you are proving the point why many of us boomers can’t stand your spoiled entitled oh poor me generation. I don’t really give a damn if your troubles are the result of my generation. Regardless of why you’re in your predicament you are in it and deserve it. You blather on an on about cost of living being too high and college debt and blah blah blah. Your generation disgusts me.


Jen Leone December 16, 2019 at 1:49 am

And, the Baby Boomer Generation mocked the Gen X’ers, and Gen X’ers feared for the millennials and so on and so forth. And, the younger generations rebelled against the older gems. Etc etc. The writer isn’t writing about anything unique or divisive. The ‘Okay Boomer’ memes are kept alive as long as someone finds them objectionable and keeps the discussion alive.

As for Gold Guy Boomer, you sound like a gem. Cheers


Sam December 16, 2019 at 9:10 am

If you are so potent, why are you so offended by what some old dude has to say? Lighten up and open your mind, you may actually learn something, otherwise you should take your woke self and swerve the f outta here!


Chris December 15, 2019 at 8:58 am

I’m a boomer and quite honestly don’t understand why other boomers get so triggered by “Okay boomer”. Take it with a grain of salt and likewise all generations need to do that when dissed by another.


Doug Blackwood December 15, 2019 at 5:45 pm

“Don’t worry- be happy”!
If one only looks for differences, it impedes human relations.
Peace & Love!


Zeke Mulvaney December 15, 2019 at 11:43 pm

The statement that this is used about anyone over 20 is incorrect. Most 20 year olds don’t know what a Boomer is.
It is just a dismal of an aging, consetvate community that seem constantly confused or most. The Joe Biden disease.

Be blessed.


Peter from South O December 16, 2019 at 10:21 am

Oh, those dismal consetvates!


retired botanist December 16, 2019 at 5:59 am

Haha, gotta say, imo, that “Ok, Boomer” is clever, funny, and fairly deserved. And I’m a full-on boomer. Partly, I’m fed up with boomers trashing millennials all the time, and quite frankly its the boomers who seem more like “snowflakes”, taking offense at anything!
While we may not be using the phrases our parents did- “When I was a kid we had to trudge through the snow…”, I’ve noticed that many of my peers in our late 60s have become very recalcitrant to change. They cling to ‘the old way” as “the only way”, are not good listeners, and exhibit a large dose of denial over matters that are staring them in the face. Inflexibility comes with aging- and like the Taoist proverb (or the Aesop fable The Oak and the Reed) “A tree that is unbending is easily broken”. Boomers need to lighten up! :-)


Peter from South O December 16, 2019 at 7:43 am

When I was a kid I DID have to trudge through the snow to the school bus stop.


Chris December 16, 2019 at 7:56 am

And up hill both ways.


Peter from South O December 16, 2019 at 10:19 am

Yes. Yes it was.


retired botanist December 16, 2019 at 11:59 am

Haha- and your parents probably didn’t have to tell you that there were starving children in Africa as you sat in front of the dreaded green beans at dinner! :-)


Peter from South O December 16, 2019 at 3:54 pm

My brother and I had to raise our own beans. Painful, painful memories drawn to the surface (and you call yourself a scientist ;-). Did I mention the killer icicles from the sky?


Chris December 16, 2019 at 3:04 pm

And back then the snow was cold. Not like the snow nowadays.


Geoff Page December 16, 2019 at 2:06 pm

It could be that the Boomers complaining don’t have kids. I have two and they unceasingly give me shit. They are SOOO much smarter than I am. Just do what I do, tell them they’re full of shit and what my mom used to say, “I can’t wait until you have kids.” This is an age-old game, I agree with some posters, lighten the f&%k up. The more you react, the more they will do and they put pictures on the world wide interweb all the time.


retired botanist December 16, 2019 at 4:03 pm

Ha, Geoff- Lord, it feels good to laugh! Especially from here in the swamp, where people are offended everyday, every second!
My 30-year-old threatens me constantly saying she is going to buy me a smartphone! We both know I totally recognize “Ok, Boomer”-
I have mentioned this in other columns, but for a great take on this discrepancy between generations and their different, and essentially different, value systems, Kingsolver’s Unsheltered is a great read. Moving forward, it has to be about new “tools” to solve problems of the future, and by “tools’ I don’t necessarily mean devices, I mean new value systems. And, from yet another Rag thread, I restate Thoreau “What is the point in a nice house if you haven’t got a good planet to put it on?”
Does “I’m Ok, You’re Ok” work here? As a 1967 treatise, I expect my daughter has never even heard of it!
And thx to Mr Boyd for opening up some needed discourse on the topic! :-)


sealintheSelkirks December 16, 2019 at 4:54 pm

I don’t exactly get the ‘Boomer’ thing. Boomers are WWII babies, right? The upsurge in pregnancies because the men were going off to die fighting Trump…opps, pardon me, Fascism. I get confused there sometimes. But distinctions of what group you are is due to what war was going on, yes? Always seems to be wars going on…always.

Well, I’m not a Boomer, then. It was the Korean War that birthed my old surfer carcass. I’m tired of being called a Boomer when I’m not! I want MY OWN label! Between the WWII babies and the Agent Orange babies of Vietnam there is a completely different cohort of babies (because my dad was going to die in Korea!).

Can anybody think up a reasonable and witty title to the Korean War Babies who are NOT Boomers?? Let us think hard about this.


Oh, and as for hardship, I used to paddle out AND paddle back in…without a wetsuit…in the dead of winter…and I’m still trudging in snow but not up hills both ways but I AM cutting my own firewood and pushing wheelbarrows loads to the house through it. Does that count as enough hardship in my NOT boomer old age?



Geoff Page December 17, 2019 at 2:53 pm

Hate to break it to you seal, but you are in the boomer group, it lasted until 1964, well after Korea.

As for paddling, some of us had to do it on our knees….


retired botanist December 17, 2019 at 7:43 pm

Seal&Geoff- you guys crack me up! :-) But just for fun, maybe we can come up with a name for the Seal generation! I’ll give it some thought :-)


Geoff Page December 16, 2019 at 4:24 pm

Ah, I see you are plagued with children too, retired. My son is 30 years old. I started using a computer for the first time the year he was born yet he still thinks I’m a technologically challenged idiot. I think our generation has a mark on it that means, to them, that we are incapable of coping in their modern world. Hell, not much different from what we thought of our parents generation. The funny thing is that each generation of kids thinks it is so very much smarter than the one before.

It reminds me of one late night driving from Detroit to Lansing in one of the densest fogs I ever saw. Traffic was going about 20 mph. I got tired of it and roared past everyone and took my rightful place leading the pack as the young turk afraid of nothing. But, in seconds, I was also going 20 mph, because the fog was impenetrable. Oddly enough, it seemed the guy up front knew something.

The kids today are driving behind us with the benefit of headlights and taillights. Wait until THEY have to lead the pack, THEN our generation will become much smarter.


retired botanist December 16, 2019 at 5:08 pm

G, true that, right??! I was one of the Boomer women who had the handle “Doomstriss” playing the 1st generation of Doom computer games; I think my daughter was about 4 at the time! Now, I wouldn’t know an XBox from a Playstation 4. Fortunately, work keeps me relatively up to date with some computer technology, but the gaming world outstripped me years ago! And that’s fine. I have no problem moving aside; indeed, when they do lead the pack, our offspring generation will hopefully have retained some of the non-generational, simply universal, advice we offered to them along the way.
Having said that, I’ll still push Warren, Sanders, and anyone who asks! :)


Geoff Page December 16, 2019 at 5:18 pm

Oh, you are an optimist, retired. “our offspring generation will hopefully have retained some of the non-generational, simply universal, advice we offered to them along the way.” I’d like to believe that but they will just think they figured it out themselves. But, the day will come when they remember where they heard it first and hopefully, we’ll still be around to get some crumbs of credit.


sealintheSelkirks December 19, 2019 at 4:05 pm

Yep, the lady certainly is!

I couldn’t help it when I laughed at your (retired botanist!) “non-generational, simply universal” hope, no offense intended, that sounds an awful lot like that term ‘common sense’ which, to my sadly disillusioned and cynical idealist eyes, is sighted rarely if at all. Same for ‘critical thinking skills’ which have never been our species strong suit, either. Big sigh. That Lily Tomlin quote on cynical comes to mind.

What is universal is walking with your head down staring at your screen all day generation. So they may NEVER figure it out for themselves nor remember where they heard it in the first place if they do! Incredibly addicting technology but then that’s what the industry wanted and spent big bucks on. Sometimes you do get what you paid for I guess.

As for family, my oldest stepdaughter turns 40 next year, the twins will be 37. Been there done that, too.

You mis-understood me on paddling, Geoff! Wanna picture of the surf knots still on my knees??? They went down over the decades but the bumpies and scars are still there. I was a little surf rat and the only way I could paddle well or even see waves coming was by knee paddling the tanker I was on in 1962-67. That deep-dig motion got one going, eh? HA!

4″ of snow last night and just started snowing again out the window. Expected up to 8″ by tomorrow. Best go roll another wheelbarrow of firewood in before it gets going after dark. I might have to fire up the snow thrower tonight sometime and clear it to the gate on the road… Looks like a white Winter Solstice and Christmas after all. Ta-ta!



Holly December 16, 2019 at 6:38 pm

I’m a millennial (34 years old) and have to say that any age-ism is gross. There has and will always be cross-generational disagreements… nothing new here. I think we should try to always better understand each other and where each generation is coming from. We can learn a lot from just listening to each other. I don’t like “ok boomer” because it does sound like it comes from a place of judgment and disrespect (there’s also something to learn if you look up actual definition). BUT in reading this article, the author champions his own generation while belittling another. Someone PLEASE tell me how that makes sense? Do all millennials leave their dog shit everywhere? I don’t. Do millennials not work every day? Because I work 60 hours a week. And just so you know, leggings are comfortable, try them out! You might like them! I reiterate the author’s final line where he tells the younger generation to go look in a mirror.


Will December 20, 2019 at 11:15 am

What anger from what might be the most entitled generation of Americans. I am surprised most people are unfamiliar with the boomers’ long ago moniker of being referred to as the “me generation,” because it better explains our current state of affairs. This generation absorbed the bulk of the Great Society and spent the next few decades trying to dissemble the costly apparatus. The wealthiest country in the history of the world never has adequate funds for schools or public coffers. This generation has brought us unfunded wars based on unaccounted for lies, record debt in the twilight of an aging bull market complete with two rounds of tax cuts aimed at the wealthy, gilded-age levels of inequality, the most inefficient healthcare system in the world, an instance that climate change goals are so difficult they cannot be addressed, and the reflexive pile of biomass that is Donald Trump.

My previously somewhat open minded Ohioan parents , both born in 1955, have finally turned into Trump voting versions of Jerry Seinfeld’s insane parents. I love my parents, but the world will be better when the broader generation of boomers has left us. The problems aren’t caused by all boomers- just most of them.


sealintheSelkirks December 20, 2019 at 1:11 pm

Will, every generation is the ‘Me’ Generation. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

It’s a freaking species thing and not just limited to a made-up pretend grouping of babies some idiot in PR thought up. Does anybody know who that idiot was and what he/she was thinking when they came up with such a stupid crappy label? What the political affiliation was, what religion they subscribed to, what their income levels were? Were they one of those who thought they, too, could be a millionaire if only they…did whatever they were told and the elite would let them into the club?

It has been THE WEALTHY that has been trying to disassemble FDR’s New Deal (the man who saved Capitalism from itself and survived the 1934 coup d’ etat by Wall St. bankers and the industrial corporate giants who wanted to align with Fascist Germany that is NOT taught in high schools) and Lyndon’s Great Society (the man who said he didn’t care the Gulf of Tonkin didn’t happen, send in the army to Vietnam anyway…captured ON TAPE back then and released a number of years ago). Look around San Diego, easy to see what they the Wealthy still are doing, isn’t it?

Of course the wealthy elite use the different groups of citizens against one another but divide and conquer has ALWAYS been an effective weapon of control for the elite of any society…that’s more freaking history that people don’t pay attention to. Or never was allowed to learn. Propaganda is an effective weapon of control, too.

This the wealthiest country in the world has ALWAYS had enough money for free education through graduate school, has always had enough money for universal health care like all the other industrialized First World nations, has always had enough money to keep up the country’s infrastructure. Just because the monies have not been used that way does not mean it couldn’t have been. It just means that divide and conquer still works wonderfully well for those that employ it against the bulk of the country’s population.

You need to read history, real history, of this country that was founded by wealthy white male elitist slave owners/property owners/business owners who decided that ONLY they would be allowed to vote. Read Marine Brig. General Smedley Butler’s thin little 1935 book ‘War is a Racket’ and understand that this has been going on for well over a hundred years of ‘modern warfare’ to realize the corporate owners of USA repeatedly destroyed countries that didn’t go along with what they wanted. Read his biography ‘Maverick Marine’ by Schmidt to realize that he singlehandedly stopped the Fascist-supporting Bush family coup against FDR (yes that Bush Family-the Wall St banker grandpa Prescott Bush daddy of Pres HW and grandpa of W). If he hadn’t we would have been bombing England in WWII and this world would be decidedly different…

You need to listen to George Carlin, I mean REALLY listen to what he was saying in his ‘comedy’ skits, and apply that new-found knowledge to the world of today that you find yourself living in. The skits really aren’t all that funny because they should make you think deeper and when you do that you become uncomfortable. If you don’t, you aren’t paying attention. He was always pissed off and rightly so.

As for your parents from Ohio (remember KENT STATE and that the wealthy WILL SHOOT YOU DOWN IF YOU PISS THEM OFF, include Birmingham in this) who turned from “somewhat open minded” (how can a person be somewhat I question?) into Trump voters…well, I was born in 1954 and I hate the MF. I also hate corporate right wing Wall St whore Hillary Clinton. I NEVER vote for the lesser evil because voting that way means EVIL wins. But then there are never any real choices in voting in this country. Money talks very loudly…

Did anybody actually read what Nader wanted to do for this country? It was an amazing policy statement. I still have it. READ IT and weep, Will, for what could have been. Should have been.

Some of us born in the 50s learned that lesson well and have always lived by it. Unfortunately we never became millionaires but I’m gonna die with a much clearer conscience.

You wanna fix this country? Actually do something about the greatest disaster ever faced by our species (climate collapse)? Want to fund education, fund infrastructure repairs, fund universal health care (SCREW ‘medicare for all’ which is another suck program)? Cut the military budget by AT LEAST 50%. Include nuclear weapons that aren’t part of that bullcrap budget but in the ‘Energy Dept.’ funding. End all tax breaks and subsidies to fossil fuel, the wealthy and the corporations they own. There’s the damn wealth of this country. Locked up.

I have a book on the shelf published in 1910 (my copy is 1912) titled: ‘War-What For?’ by George R. Kirkpatrick that I wish you could see just the cartoon illustrations in it much less actually read it. It is so relevant to our current madness that…it puts a shiver up my spine. There’s pictures of Trump, of Hillary, of Bezos and Adelson and Gates, of the family Prince/DeVos, of the generals and the war industry tycoons, of the religious leaders, in the cartoons. This is the intro:

This book is dedicated to the victims of the civil war in industry; that is, to my brothers and sisters of the working class, the class who furnish the blood and tears and cripples and corpses in all wars-yet win no victories for their own class.

Divide and conquer.

End of rant.



Kyle February 12, 2020 at 11:07 am

Man, “Okay Boomer” has really hurt you, huh? Take a Midol.


Geoff Page February 12, 2020 at 11:13 am

Read little deeper, Kyle. The “Okay Boomer” phrase just provided an open door for the writer and posters to vent about something. If you thought it was just the name, you didn’t pay attention.


Doug Blackwood February 12, 2020 at 11:24 pm

People people people: live & let live, cease this online bickering; now!
Talk to someone you don’ t know, meet people where they are, find common ground, look for similarity: not differences!
These are the goals I strive for: I often fall short!

Volunteer helping the Earth!
Common sense, isn’t common!
“Them not busy being born, are busy dying” BD


Geoff Page February 13, 2020 at 10:18 am

We’re all adults here, Doug, I know I am and Seal looks like one if that is his picture. I don’t need anyone telling me how to behave, that ended when I moved out of my parents home. If you don’t like the discussion, then move on and let us bicker away, some of us call this a discussion.


retired botanist February 13, 2020 at 11:07 am

Wow, interesting to circle back to this thread, especially given the recent shenanigans in Washington, Iowa…well, just about everywhere. The original “ok Boomer” lead got a bit lost in the dust, understandably.
I both chuckle at Seal’s comment re my niavete, and concur with his world view re the working class, the astuteness of Nader, and the problem of voting for the lesser of two evils, which liberals have been doing for way too long. As I commented in another column, the recent attention and gravitation towards Bloomberg, simply because maybe he can beat Trump, is so very wrong at this point. In a word, he’s a big UGH.
And I genuinely feel sorry for Will having to endure the mutation of his parents…makes me a little bit thankful my parents departed decades ago, altho I often wonder what they would make of things now. :-)
Still, I’m ok with ‘boomer”- but then, I come from a family that heavily used nicknames :-)


sealintheSelkirks February 13, 2020 at 8:53 pm

Naw, I mostly laugh about crap like being called a Boomer because I agree with Holly’s comment, it is all just age-ism. Or maybe ‘other-ism.’ Which I call divide & conquer by the ‘Leisure Class’ that own everything to keep the majority of rest of us working class proles fighting over the leftovers of what they don’t vacuum up out of the economy. Which is mostly everything. As I’ve written earlier, it works well in societies divided by wealth and class status, and even better when the population is lacking in education and critical thinking skills, a lack of knowledge about their own history, a short attention span easily distracted, and then kept busy trying to pay the bills every month until you die Successful program I’d call it.

My turning voter age ‘Boomer’ year was actually the start of the stagnant and lowering income levels in this country. Nixon was in office and it was called ‘Stag-flation’ even with the war machine gobbling up tax monies that were needed elsewhere. Now it’s worse! That’s why I think the so-called Boomers who were born in the 1950s should have their own stupid nickname! We felt the first fall of the living standards in this country so we’re SPECIAL.

heh heh heh

Kyle, I’ve been called so many disparaging names over the years it’s hard to keep track. A Haole, a Honkie, a Gui-gin (Japanese term sp?), a round-eye, a Hippy, a Surfer (bad connotations back in the day), a Gentile (Jewish style), A Gentile (mormon style in which Jews are Gentiles), Homeless (I was), a Bum, a Commie, a Peace-nik, a Leftie, an Infidel, a Blasphemer, an Unbeliever, an Agnostic, an Atheist, a follower of Satan, a witch, a Gook lover (Japanese Peace & Freedom Party stepmom during Vietnam), a Californian (really bad connotations in other states I’ve lived in), a Drug Addict by people who were smoking tobacco & drinking alcohol and drinking speed all day every day-the coffee and coca-cola crowd) and isn’t it wonderful that now cannabis is legal,.. sort of. Oh my yes, there are so many names I’ve been called that another sneering description shouldn’t cause me to stress much, especially over such a silly term as Baby Boomer.

What the hell, everybody needs an ‘other’ to look down on. Seems to be a very prevalent behavior pattern with our species. Look at all the negative labels!

And no thanks on the Midol Big Pharma chemical company drug. EEUWWW, I try very hard to avoid any of that side effect-ridden crap… Best to just fire up a bowl of my homegrown and go watch the sunset instead. Better on the mind, better on the body.

Geoff & I have bumped heads before on the RAG, nobody agrees about everything. But yes we are both adults. Paid our dues no doubt I think, in different ways from different family & political etc backgrounds. That we disagree with others viewpoints and are able to say it, hopefully articulately, and back up what we say shouldn’t cause you any stress whatsoever. As Geoff advised, just don’t read the discussions and comments if they bother you that much.

That really is the 2015 profile picture the publisher used with my first book ‘The Lunch Counter Trilogy’ the 3-part story of being early riversurfing pioneers back in the 80s. Five years later there’s just more wrinkles in the face is all. But at least I’m smiling and still have my ponytail even though it sure had turned white. But it’s not like my hair can get any damned whiter at this point, right?

See the background bush behind me? Taken in my garden, and it was 8 feet tall and produced almost a pound of primo. Still have some from her in glass airtights! No wonder I was smiling, eh? The editor DP and I were working with cut it back and blurred the leaves just enough so you couldn’t tell, and told me he was so jealous because the magazine is out of Austria where it’s still illegal. But from Austria it is just a short train ride to Amsterdam…

retired botanist lady:
Glad you are finding some humor in our chatter. Shenanigans in politics between the two Big Bosses who want control. Who’da thunk it, eh?!! Trying to impeach without really wanting to because if they did over what is really criminal they’d have to go after not only past Repub presidents but their own for doing the same really bad things… I mean, there is so much more to be discussing than extortion to get dirt on a political opponent by holding back foreign aid that buys weapons that directly benefit the Big War US corporations when the weapons are going to a neo-Fascist coup d’etat regime that the previous Democrat administration directly influenced…is…I don’t have a word for it! I’m…speechless!!! I remember stuff like appointed by Sec of State Hillary’s pick of Victoria Neuland’s cell phone call talking about how they rigged the election with $5 billion in payoffs…but that’s old news, yes? Nobody cares.

And yes we do have very similar political views and I’ve noticed it before in the Rag on different articles. Personally I think Bloomberg is just a spoiler trying to buy his way against Sanders who would at least try to change some of the way things are handled. Sabotage by the wealthiest elite. Hell, Bloomie is certainly NOT a big or little ‘D’ democrat in any way, shape, or form but just another disgusting Neoliberal Republican Oligarch. Haven’t we had enough of those already???

Look up the ‘bundled billionaires’ giving how much to who’s Dem campaign. ALL OF THE DEMs except Sanders! He’s the only freaking one who won’t take money/be bought from the Oligarchy. No wonder the corporate media including NPR (national petroleum radio), MSDNC (RahRahClintonRadio), CNN etc etc can’t seem to find anything but negative stories. Or they start the negative Bernie stories and then reference on another for legitimacy.

The Oligarchy that owns the MSM, 5 major corporations, are doing their damnedest to stop the re-election of FDR in 2020. Bernie is the best of the lot and he still STINKS about the military/industrial complex side of politics and economics… But then Republicans and Big D corporate wealthy Dems all hate the thought of Welfare and Socialism (oh GASP!) but when it comes to military contracts and bailing out the banks..corporate welfare for arms factories is juuuust fine and so it seems is Socialism when Wall St banks need bailed out. By both parties! People losing their homes because of the ‘shenanigans’ of Wall St not so much. That damned Connecticut-born gold spoon in each orifice WBush started handing them out and then Obama just blithely kept it up and added to the numbers but then he was/is a neoliberal who publicly stated he really admired Reagan…and that ain’t how Democrats are supposed to think, ya know? Ayn Rand Democrats?

Just like Bloomberg being an Ayn Rand ‘Democrat.’ What, the coyote is gonna become a roadrunner? Not likely but people have been trained to obey and revere great wealth and think they are so special. What’s that famous quote about camels, eye of needles, and rich people? Another somebody nobody cares about I guess.

Don’t you find it kind of funny all this is? Ironic funny I guess maybe?? Gotta keep a sense of humor I hope, RB.

That’s enough words for a late Thursday afternoon under dark gloom rainy sky after a blazingly blue morning. Supposed to snow tonight at least we are all hoping so! Mid-Fed at 49’N latitude in mountains near the Canadian border we have been seeing 48’F days. Should be 20’F with 4 feet of snowpack on the property and 250″ on the snowboarding hill by now. I’m at a spotty 3″ and the hill hit 99″ last week. For around here this time of year that’s dang bad. We don’t have jack for a snowpack. Again. Fires are going to be bad up here this summer, too, just hopefully not Australia-bad. Scary.

You folks down in my hometown do something fun this weekend, eh? And the others elsewhere that read the Rag!



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