OB Planners to Have Update on Bermuda Stairs – Wed., Dec. 18

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Protest for new stairs, Aug. 25, 2019

The OB Planning Board’s Project Review Committee has two projects to review and will have an update on the Bermuda Beach Access Stair.  Development projects that require public review first come before this committee, and then are forwarded to the full board usually with a recommendation. The committee meets Wednesday night, December 18 at 6 pm in the Ocean Beach Recreation Center at 4726 Santa Monica Ave.

Bermuda Beach Access Stair

This is an “informational” item on the agenda. It’s a public infrastructure project by the city to (finally) replace the existing beach access stairway with frames and wooden treads.

The project will also demolish the existing stairway and broken concrete panels. Other additional improvements include the replacement of several broken concrete panels and portions of the existing chain-link fencing. Also it will clear and grab the existing ice plant.

Street view, according to google maps




4838 Pescadero Ave.

It’s all about a new granny unit. The owner has applied to amend the Coastal Development Permit (CDP) in order to build a second-story granny unit, aka “companion unit”, with a deck on top of a detached, existing garage. They also want to remodel the garage and expand its footprint for a multi-family residence.

The garages at 4838 Pescadero on the alley. Is this photo even of the right property? This garage is already expanded.

Aerial view. According to google maps.

4640 Orchard Ave.

This is quite a project.

The owners have applied for a CDP and “Map Waiver” in order to separate one existing lot, split it into two lots, demolish the small existing house and build a large, two-story house with 2-car garage on each of the new lots. The older house stands at 869 square feet. The proposed new house on the first separated lot would be 2615 square feet, and the new house on the second lot would be 2596 square feet.

Upon viewing the property via google maps, it’s clear the owners wish to “upgrade” their property so they can be like their neighbors.

The backyard has a good number of palm trees and other trees and vines. Presumably all that would have to go in order to carve out space for two, 2-stories and their garages.

Here’s the official agenda:

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