OBceans Attend Elizabeth Warren Rally at San Diego’s Waterfront Park

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Photo by Stewart Kocivar

Editordude: A number of OBceans attended Elizabeth Warren’s rally at the Waterfront Park in San Diego. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported a crowd of 8,500 were at her first campaign stop in the city. Brett Warnke filed this report:

By Brett Warnke

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke on October 3 on a cool night as the sunset sank beyond Waterfront Park.  The setting and format were quintessentially Warren:  tidy, organized, and a bit nerdy.  Warren was introduced by a veteran and woman whose parents were deported after living in the country since 1986.

Warren took to the stage in a salmon blazer and introduced herself, a clever move considering the personal onslaught she will endure as the possible Democratic contender from the right-wing slime machine in the months to come.

Warren described a debilitating heart attack that struck down her father.  She told the story of her mother’s dress–laying it on her bed in order to prepare and apply for her first job outside the home, a clerk gig at Sears.

“We won’t lose this house,” Warren quoted her mother repeating.

The crowd outside the County Admin Building, Oct. 3, 2019. Photo by Brett Warnke

After being forced out of her teaching job because of being “visibly pregnant,” Warren’s first husband left her.  She described her journey from special education teacher in a conservative Oklahoma family, a move to Texas, and then to a public law school teacher in New Jersey.

The biography prepared for what the crowd seemed to want from growing cheers:  a confrontation with America’s political corruption.

“Everything in Washington now is touched by money,” she said.  She described the bogus network of billionaire-funded Washington skunk tanks, propaganda outfits, lobbying firms, and K Street crowd that opened the sluice gates for misinformation and confusion regarding basic facts.  She described a plan for universal higher education and a wealth tax of 2 cents on every dollar after $50 million to pay for them.  She also spoke about the need to hold powerful politicians and billionaires accountable.

“Nobody goes home after election day, not this time,” Warren said.  This was a clear warning to the failure of the Obama White House to capitalize on the organization during the 2008 campaign.

Photo by Brett Warnke

That demobilization in the midst of economic crisis, many progressives argue, led to the moderation and “foaming of the runways” for banks and a populist billionaire-backed revolt, The Tea Party.

Warren took selfies, told some jokes.  It was calm and a bit awkward, like the first day of class, a thoughtful and mellow crowd interested in Warren’s biography, dished out like a peppy teacher introducing herself to class.  But inspired by her many plans for confronting income inequality, big banks, and Mark Zuckerberg, the selfie line extended around the building.

The national campaign of 2020 will be as filthy as they come, but Warren’s eager voice–hopeful and teacherly–spoke to something goal-oriented in our current malaise.  Warren’s earnest dreams of an orderly confrontation with organized power may be the great antidote to the schoolyard bully currently contaminating our public’s center.

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LKSD October 4, 2019 at 1:06 pm

Brett you are right on. She is a down to earth candidate long overdue in this country. She would be an excellent president. Thank you for this article.


Frank Gormlie October 5, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Had to monitor trump sycophant comments here – disparaging Elizabeth Warren and the same one who also called homeless people in OB “public enemies” and goes by the moniker Voodoo Trucker,


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