Dr. Seuss Knew a Thing or Two About Lindbergh

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Dr. Seuss was of course Theodor Seuss Geisel. Before he became famous drawing Dr. Seuss books, he drew political cartoons.

Dr. Seuss Knew Who Lindbergh Was

Here’s a few of his cartoons:

Here another about Lindbergh by another artist:


Maybe, just maybe, we can stop calling our San Diego Airport after an anti-Semite and Nazi-lover. Have you seen this:

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micporte September 15, 2019 at 5:23 am

gosh, and geez.. it is hard to judge people of the past in their context…heroes one day, victims the next… a lot of people followed hitler, industrialists of the world, making money off of the war industry ( currently at a billion dollars, or maybe more in our humble country) , including Joseph Kennedy, father of John, also poor uneducated people who thought days would be better after the disaster of WWI, or youth just looking for a job, and a lot of bullies too, … also a lot of nobles/ex-nobles, looking to regain some luster on their fading regimes.. past stuff…
I like to think: judge not, lest ye be judged.. if anything, the guy was courageous and innovative, not a defense, just a statement… and San Diego County was home to some of the pioneer aviation in history, so y’all be the judge, because I cannot.. looks like a lot of Neo-bureaucracy to me…


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