2 UCSD Doctors Publish Paper Based on Research From Unethically Collected Samples of Veterans Without Their Consent

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by Brad Racino & Jill Castellano / inewsource /  May 30, 2019

Two prominent doctors associated with the University of California San Diego and the local VA used blood and stool samples taken from sick veterans to bolster a paper published this month in an academic research journal.

The specimens were not supposed to be used, according to the project’s lead researcher, because they were part of a study that unethically collected biological samples from living subjects without their consent, which investigators called “serious noncompliance.”

Ethics experts told inewsource publishing academic papers based on unethical research is dangerous and encourages researchers to perform more problematic studies in the future.

The paper was published months after an inewsource investigation raised questions about the dangers of the study and an internal VA report found violations of research practices. Since then, a lawmaker called for a congressional hearing, the study was put on hold and the lead researcher told inewsource all samples collected in San Diego would not be used in publications.

Drs. Bernd Schnabl and Samuel Ho had staff at the San Diego VA perform liver biopsies on alcoholic veterans and gather samples of their blood and stool as part of an international project to study liver disease from 2014 to 2016. Allegations about problems with the study came to inewsource from VA whistleblowers, who have called the liver biopsies medically unnecessary and potentially dangerous for this type of patient.

One whistleblower, a VA physician and researcher, said a patient returned from the procedure “oozing with blood,” with “stool scattered” on his body and in need of an emergency transfusion.

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