The Old Broad Questions Why the City Is Using ‘Round-Up’ on Ocean Beach and Point Loma Beaches, Parks and Playgrounds

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By Judi Curry

Are you safe in the park? At Sunset Cliffs Natural Park? Robb Field; Dusty Rhodes? Dog Beach? Dog Park? Neighborhood playgrounds?

Have you seen many bees this spring?  Have you seen as many birds this spring?  Do people you know have cancer?  Do you know dogs and cats that are being diagnosed with cancer? Do you have any idea what might be the cause?

Do you know what the ingredients are to kill weeds? Do you know what a “carcinogen” is?  Do you know what “Glyphosate” is and what products contain it?  Do you know what the directions are for using products with glyphosate in them?

Did you know that here in our own “backyard” that glyphosate is being sprayed and there are no signs indicating that a spray has just taken place? That you might be walking – or your dog might be walking – on freshly sprayed ground covered with a known carcinogen.  Do you know that you – or your dog – might be bringing that poison into your car; into your house; into your kitchen with every step that you take.

Did you know that just before Easter, before you had the Easter egg hunt or the Easter picnic that the city – and/or its contractor sprayed glyphosate on that very grass that you sat on; laid down on; ate on and there were no signs indicating that had been done. Do you know that you were exposed to one of the most dangerous carcinogen’s and you were not told?

Did you know that there are over 9000 lawsuits pending against the manufactures of glyphosate-based herbicides because it causes Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Did you know that glyphosate is a proven endocrine disrupter? That it can cause birth defects, sterility, infertility, sex hormone changes, developmental delays, shortened gestation and even miscarriage.  I wonder if you knew that it is a “patented antibiotic”? Do you know what that means?  It is absorbed through drift or contact and can destroy beneficial bacterial in our bodies and weaken the immune system.  It can also disrupt hormones, which prevent addiction, depression, mental illness and acts of violence.

Do you need to hear more? Because there is a lot more to tell you – fatty liver disease, lower IQ, mental disorders, dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, migraines, etc. etc. etc.

The name that we all know that causes these horrific ailments is “Round-up”.  Round-up is banned in almost every other country except ours.

Why?  Is Monsanto giving that much money to our representatives so that they won’t ban it?

They have just recently sold the business to Bayer, and, interestingly enough the sale was approved by the DOJ.  It was a $62.5 BILLION dollar deal.  The deal was approved followed the European Union approval in March and a “productive” meeting between Bayer and Trump in January.  It is the biggest buy-out on record and the largest deal ever by a German company.

So what is the purpose of this article? It is primarily to make all of us aware of just how devastating glyphosate can be.  Sure, “Round Up” is the brand name the insecticide, but other companies use it in their own products.

Work crews at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

I met with Anne Jackson Hefti this afternoon re: this problem.  She, and another woman, were walking their dogs along Sunset Cliffs Park on February 7, 2019 and while walking “Bear” noticed that there were men spraying the weeds in the area.

There were no signs that she could see; no one said anything to her; and she asked the men if they could wait until she passed for them to continue spraying.  They did not, and both she,  Bear and the other dog walker got a healthy dose of the insecticide.  (It should be pointed out that on the label of the product clearly states “ . . . do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift.  Only protected handlers maybe in the area during application.” )

When she asked them what they were spraying they said “Ranger Pro”, which, she found out, has glyphosate as the main ingredient.  They were, in fact, in the “spray zone” and the contractors did not stop spraying as  it continued to drift in the wind.  What they did, in fact, was a Federal violation.

When Anne arrived home she had a terrible headache, and it took a few days before she was rid of the pain.  But alas, Bear was not so fortunate.

As the days passed, Anne realized that her dog seemed to be tired; didn’t wag his tail, and it was hard for him to move.

In desperation she took him to the Vet only to find that his blood showed a high alkaline content and he was anemic. These results were new to the dog because he had been in great health prior to this walk.  The Vet prescribed some medicines that should even things out – but in a week he was worse.

Anne took him to another vet, who, upon examination, discovered a large growth in his mouth and a mass on his spleen.  It was decided that Bear would have surgery to remove the growth in his mouth the following Wednesday, but mother nature had different plans. The growth exploded and he was rushed to an emergency hospital for emergency treatment.

Bear, Anne’s dog.

Currently Bear is on his “death bed”, and the feeling is that the insecticide brought on his ailment. After all, he nibbled the grass; he rolled in it; and he brought it home with him where in all probability he transferred it to his sleeping quarters.

As Anne did more investigation, she found out that this very same spray was being used at Dusty Rhodes, Robb Field, Dog Beach, SCNP, playgrounds,  Shelter Island, and Spanish Landing.  (She is investigating the use of the spray in Coronado, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and National City but has not received the reports yet.)

And what is even scarier was when she was at Shelter Island on April 9 there were signs posted saying that spraying was going to begin on April 10 and 11.  As she started walking back to her car, the pesticide employee rolled up in his car, got out, and started spraying a DAY EARLIER THAN THE SIGNS POSTED.

This is not acceptable.  Research shows that even trace amounts of the pesticides are causing illness.  It is also of concern to find out that the spraying is outsourced to contractors and is NOT supervised.  We in San Diego are outdoors a great deal. That is our life.  What is happening is akin to a death warrant for every living creature, be it man or animal, that is outside.

Anne decided that something needs to be done about this terrible situation.  She started a program entitled, “Campaign Non-Toxic San Diego” with the express purpose of coming up with ways to rid our area of unwanted plants/weeds without poisoning the entire community.

She is suggesting that if liquid must be used to find something that will not cause harm to the environment.  Some people use a mixture of vinegar, dish soap, and water.  There are different methods available to use a harmless – at least to us – pesticide.

She and her group of advocates, which includes the Sierra Club, Surfrider, Save the Monarch Butterfly, and more, suggest educating people to plan for the future.  Why not use goats to rid the areas of evasive plants. Why not get the Boy Scouts, classrooms, Volunteers to learn how to recognize the unwanted plants and pull them out instead of spraying them with poison.

There are already areas in California that subscribe to a non-toxic method of planting.  Just up the road in Irvine there is a group that is called “Non-Toxic Irvine” that does just what Anne and her group is proposing.

And Irvine is not the only place: Burbank Unified School District has banned the use of week killer like Roundup; Carlsbad has adopted an organic pesticide policy; Costa Mesa has an “Organics First” policy; Encinitas, Laguna Hills, Lodi, Malibu, and San Juan Capistrano all have policies that restrict the use of pesticides. The entire County of Marin stopped using glyphosate in 2015; Novato, a neighbor to Marin has also stopped using it.

Why then, can’t San Diego also the use of glyphosate?

A few days ago I posted a brief article explaining in less detail the problem with glyphosate. In it I gave names and comments to use when writing to these elected officials.  Many of you wrote back to me and told me it was a very simple thing to do; just highlight the names and paste it in your URL. In the subject line put “ Campaign Non Toxic San Diego.”

Time is of the essence.  Yesterday the word came out that the water that we are drinking is laden with poisons – from pesticides; from plastics; from prescription drugs, etc.  It has to stop before it is too late.  The scientists are saying that we only have 12 years to rectify our environment.  That is not a very long time.

Anne and her committee could use some help in getting the word out; she could use some help in cleaning up the environment.  Have a few minutes?  Have some questions?  Why not write to her and ask her what you can do.  She can put you on a mailing list and let you know what the next step should be, or what the group will be doing next.

She said it would alright to give you her address:  It is  The subject is “campaign non toxic san diego.”  Please, people.  Before it is too late for my grandchildren, your children; your animals; for the entire planet.  It’s in our hands. We better do something quick. The days and hours of procrastination are over.  Our ancestors will thank us.



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sealintheSelkirks May 2, 2019 at 3:00 pm

Did you notice something wrong about the picture accompanying your article? None of the guys with the sprayers are wearing masks or gloves, much less haz-mat suits. Levi’s, t-shirts, ball caps? Which, with this nasty toxic compound, they should be wearing. But that’s okay, it takes years MOST OF THE TIME before the effects of the poisons start to noticeably affect the body.

Judy Curry, this article is, bluntly, far too late.

The last article I read about the yearly use of enormous amounts of pesticides/herbicides/fungicides/insecticides (slow su-icides?) in this country mentioned this fact: every baby born in the US that was tested showed up to 250 different carcinogenic, endocrine and hormone disrupting, chromosome damaging, poisonous synthetic man-made (not found in nature) chemicals in their bloodstream at birth. All of them!

Further testing show the placental sac had the same levels of poisons. This is generational, passed down by the mothers to the fetus, and it has only gotten worse as new deadly crap is thrown onto the market with little care for long-term unknown effects. The study was decade(s) ago.

It didn’t matter if these babies were born in a dirt-floored farm shack in Arkansas or in a high-priced hospital in Beverly Hills. It was every single newborn. Some had higher concentrations and others had slightly different numbers, but they were all full of chemical company poisons of which most had never been tested for long-term exposure effects.

It’s all about the profits.

Want to know what you and your family are already poisoned with? Have samples of your blood and fatty tissue tested by a reputable laboratory. This is not cheap, it will cost a lot of money because each sample must be tested against so many chemicals.

Then do the same for radiation. After the atom and thermonuclear hydrogen bombs tests, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island (where the rad counters went into overload) and radically still-spewing Fukushima…we are all ‘downwinders’ to one extent or another.

Our species doesn’t learn from history. Remember that the Romans thought lining their drinking vessels with lead was a great idea…and the USA still can’t get the lead out of Flint MI and 33 other cities with the same problem? A billion dollars donated to rebuild Notre Dame but nobody can come up with the $55 million for Flint’s children?

But with our modern technology we’ve got the Romans beat by magnitudes of stupidity. Here’s a current example of outright idiocy to go along with your Roundup article! I’m mouth-open boggled by this one…

Think of the gladiators in the Coliseum drinking from those lead-lined jugs, slowly poisoning themselves while literally becoming brain-damaged stupid. Compare that ancient sport to the upcoming Japan Olympics next year being held in Fukushima Prefecture. Remember 2011? Or is that out of the news now and everyone has forgotten? It sure is being ignored.

Think of the fact that the Chernobyl melt-down 25 years ago was not nearly as bad as Japan in 2011. Magnitudes less, and Chernobyl has a Permanent Human Exclusion Zone of 2,600 sq kilometers in two countries…literally forever. No people allowed to live there, drink the water, grow food, hunt animals. Japan’s Diachi plant was way, WAY worse with three (3!) massive meltdowns that can never be ‘contained.’ Radioactive dirt keeps washing back down from the mountains after every rain and they have no idea where the hundreds of tons molten cores went to once they burned down into the planet. The Japanese government had made reporting on it a State Secret along with forbidding doctors to mention radiation sickness.

2,600 sq kilometers. Tokyo is roughly 160 miles away from Fukushima….and the entire island should have been evacuated and permanently abandoned. Ain’t gonna happen.

Don’t take my word for it; look up what Dr. Helen Caldicott and read some of her latest work. Or Greenpeace whose members got kicked out of Japan for testing areas for contamination (they found it everywhere, school playgrounds in Tokyo and the mountains above Fukushima).

Upshot: we are not an intelligent species. Roundup, sure why not? Kill all the..bugs and plants and other living things and of course it won’t affect our bodies because we’re special. Insane, isn’t it?


Frank Gormlie May 2, 2019 at 4:51 pm

Yeah, definitely noticed none of the workers are wearing masks, etc.


retired botanist May 2, 2019 at 5:36 pm

Seal, you pegged it. So hard to understand why citizens, wherever they are, what ever country or habitat they find themselves in, continue to have faith in govt agencies that refuse to respond to science! They respond to lobbying, and money, which part of that do people simply not get? As I said in an earlier column, James Speth’s treatise on the environment, politics, and economics makes connecting these dots so obvious. *banging my head against the wall*


Doug Blackwood May 2, 2019 at 6:01 pm

Who authorized this?


Seymour Krelvitch May 5, 2019 at 7:59 pm

What about all the studies that show no effect of glyphosate on people at doses that are realistic?


retired botanist May 6, 2019 at 8:38 am

Seymour, whose kool-aid are you drinking? Who do you think underwrote those studies? How long-term do you think those results were? And “realistic dose” of an extremely toxic chemical?…I don’t even know what that is!


sealintheSelkirks May 6, 2019 at 11:07 am

Obviously retired botanist,

Seymour has never read ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson. That book would get his knickers in a knot, no doubt about it. I read it in the 60s and have been horrified ever since. Now it’s worse by magnitudes. I still have a copy on the shelf.

Seymour, pay attention to the coming 1,800 page UN report on the death of the biosphere that keeps you alive. Here is today’s link to read about it (the Guardian UK published a story three days ago about this also):

A cut & paste from the article:

“Accordingly, the 1,800-page UN study will claim there is no time to despair as “an environmental emergency for humanity” is at hand, a triple challenge of climate, nature and food production. It adds up to a veiled threat: Nations of the world must act quickly to develop a rescue plan for ecosystems, or it’s lights out, the end.”

Seymour, you do understand what ‘lights out, the end’ signify, yes? The scientists are not just ‘claiming’ this is happening (love that derogatory term, claim!) because they know this is no joking matter. They have children.



Seymour Krelvitch May 6, 2019 at 3:43 pm

retired botanist–If you are trying to convince others to switch to your viewpoint, you should have a grasp of the terms being used. “Realistic” actually means something in a discussion of toxicity.


retired botanist May 6, 2019 at 5:12 pm

Seymour, I actually do know what that means, but in my world of acceptability, its just not in the lexicon. The MSDS (material safety data sheet) glossary is full of terms like LClo (lowest lethal concentration), PEL (permissible exposure level), or how about the ACE, which is acute to chronic ESTIMATION of toxicity? And here’s something that should question your confidence in these types of monikers:

“Whereas OSHA sets regulatory exposure limits/levels such as the PEL and TWA, TLV’s® are a scientific opinion based solely on health factors; there is no consideration given to economic or technical feasibility of implementing controls to keep worker exposure levels below this level. These health risks/factors are determined by ACGIH* from a review of existing peer-reviewed scientific literature by committees of experts in public health and related sciences. TLV’s® are not consensus standards (i.e. formulated by a broad-based committee across a particular industry), but ACGIH’s opinion.”
*ACGIH is the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Inc.

So, in this alphabet soup of lab rat testing, lobbied govt agencies, short-term studies, suggested estimates, and nothing about cumulative effects, persistence in environmental habitats, contamination of water and food resources, you want me to consider “realistic” doses? Here’s the shortest term: NO.


Seymour Krelvitch May 6, 2019 at 7:06 pm

So the only thing that counts is your own, individual opinion. So much for working with others.


retired botanist May 7, 2019 at 6:23 am

Hopefully you’ll find my opinion is not as individual as you think. Here’s a link to an article about 5 pesticides, commonly used in the US, that are banned elsewhere in the world. And if you haven’t the time to read the opinions of others, below are the 5-check them out. As for working with others, public awareness and mass demonstrations are good examples of team work, and I’ve been involved in campaigns against glyphosate for several years. I also believe that individual actions also make a difference, small tho they may seem…
1,3D (especially in CA)


retired botanist May 6, 2019 at 2:29 pm

Yep, Seal, today’s news on the UN report was really depressing, if not surprising, and I would encourage everyone to get informed about it. Its critical that we ALL understand that species decline is not just about the loss of cute, furry animals or honeybees- its absolutely about the loss of our food supply, our drinking water and our global health. And I, too, have copies of several of Carson’s books- now there was an individual who really deserved the Medal of Freedom… wonder what she would think of the EPA today?


nostalgic May 6, 2019 at 8:21 pm

Hey, this is SUNSET CLIFFS NATURAL PARK we are talking about. Where all the seasonal daisies and ice plant are zapped so California Native Plants can be planted. Where it’s all back to nature. If that turns out to be dirt, no plants, well, that’s natural, isn’t it?


Rufus May 7, 2019 at 7:35 am

My dog died, so it must be true. That’s some serious evidence right there.

I don’t suppose the fact that smoking maryhooney is more harmful than exposure to RoundUp would get this crowd excited? Na, didn’t think so.

Life is a series of choices and compromises, folks. So is making yourself deranged.


kh May 7, 2019 at 11:23 am

Thank you for bring attention to this Anne, I have a greater appreciation for this issue after reading about your efforts.

At the bare minimum, the spraying should be clearly noticed and posted to allow park users to avoid it.


anne May 8, 2019 at 4:01 pm

Thank you KH. Campaign Non Toxic San Diego is working hard to raise awareness to our community what is happening in our public spaces.


sealintheSelkirks May 7, 2019 at 8:40 pm

Hey Rufus,

Don’t know if you are old enough to remember but the US government sprayed Paraquat on maryhooney in a number of countries that wilted the hell out of the buds and turned the entire plant a kind of golden-brownish color.

It was imported anyway (can’t lose profits) and sold as ‘Columbian Gold’ which made a bunch of people sick around the beach areas back when. Not me, I read Carson’s book as a kid and knew better.

That was the only time, ever, that smoking cannabis was truly bad for you. And it wasn’t the cannabis!

The most dangerous ‘party’ drug in this country has always been alcohol. It shouldn’t have been named Booze, it should have been called Dope because that’s what it does to you, not cannabis.

No chemical use on my 8 acre forested property for the 15 years I’ve lived here. Bio-c0ntrol only, released Chinese Knapweed weevils to control that incredibly invasive plant that puts poison in the ground so no other plants can grow. 11 years later I’ve got native plants coming up all over, flowers everywhere the last couple of years with 4 types of native bees having come back, too. And the tiny Ponderosa, Western Larch, Lodgepole, and Red Fir saplings are going gangbusters on different parts of the property.

My local retired biology teacher neighbor managed to convince the logging company that stripped the ridgeline behind/above me-and down in the canyon up to their 30 acres property line, to not spray 2-4-T or D to ‘help the trees grow’ a few years ago .

Unfortunately the hill behind is now called the Bald Knob…but hopefully the 70-90 foot Red Fir and Ponderosa on my side of the line will re-seed it. There are 72 species of birds recorded here by that neighbor, too, by the way, and they seem to be thriving unlike in other areas. No chemicals use sure does make a difference.

We do what we can to heal that around us, yes?

Anybody else love honey? EVERY single sample tested across the US had Glyphosate in it. Every company, every beehive.

Yeah, retired botanist, it’s really not looking good. Actually it is far worse than that. We are a species that is committing suicide and taking all the rest of the life forms around us along for the ride. Our legacy you might say. But most people don’t notice because they are…distracted/dazzled by our technology which of course is only designed to make a few people wealthy.

If one doesn’t pay attention then it isn’t happening, right? Humans are good at head-in-the-sand.

A decent piece about dealing with panic attacks and racing heart sleeplessness and grief over all that is falling down around us:



retired botanist May 8, 2019 at 12:31 pm

Seal, good article in the Guardian, thx for the share. I think another contributing factor to the feeling of climate anxiety, is that people aren’t even sure WHAT they feel- its like an unpleasant cocktail of anger, sadness, helplessness and frustration, leaving one confounded as to which emotional response is most likely to bring relief! The answer of course is none of them, but I at least feel better when I’m advocating in the right direction, and practicing by example to the extent that I can…
While we’re exchanging literature, would like to mention to you (and any others tuned in) a very interesting series of volumes published by the Dark Mountain Project. They have a website, just type them in. The volumes are small, and comprised of short pieces and essays written by a wide diversity of folks; each volume has a ‘theme’, and the focus of most of the themes is environmental. The latest volume is called “Fire”, and indeed there are a few essays written by Cali people, and some on the Extinction Rebellion and other responses to climate change. There is also an interview at the end with Richard Powers, author of the recent bestseller Overstory, an excellent novel on forestation and the eco movement.
Your habitat sounds great. I’m curious about Chinese knapweed? don’t know much about it but it sounds as noxious as star thistle. I’m on the fence about the introduction of insects to control weeds, so your treatment piqued my curiosity. Assume using goats for eradication wasn’t an option? Invasives are a difficult problem, but poisons (no matter how targeted they’re supposed to be) are just not the answer.
And speaking of poisons, had to chuckle at your response to Rufus… haha, if people could actually remember that alcohol is a pickling agent and preservative they’d probably be less inclined to drink so much of it! :-)


Anne Jackson-Hefti May 8, 2019 at 3:58 pm

If you live in San Diego please come to these 2 meetings.We need people to ask questions and voice concerns to our elected official and panelists. The more people we get to attend, the better.

May 14, 2019 , Non Toxic San Diego (NTSD) members are attending the Point Loma Association Community Conversation meeting at the Portuguese Hall. NTSD will be setting up a table from 530 to 630 pm for the social hour where we will be handing out educational material for those who want it.
At 630 pm the program shifts to the audience getting to question the panelist. The panelist are as follows:
Captain Brien Dickerson, Commanding Officer from Naval Base Point Loma,
David Nisleit, Chief SDPD
Jennifer Campbell, City Council for District 2
Cathey Kenton, Chair Midway Community Planning Board
Nathan Fleather, SD Country Supervisor District 4
Kimberly Becker, President CEO Airtport Authority.

Here is the Facebook and Nextdoor link to the invite. Maybe you can share it with your tribe?

On May 22, 2019, NTSD members and supporters are attending the Ocean Beach Town Council Meeting.
Here is the Facebook and Nextdoor link to the invite. Maybe you can share it with your tribe?

Thank you,
Anne Jackson Hefti


sealintheSelkirks May 9, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Thanks retired botanist, I went to the Dark Mountain Project and put it into bookmarks to read up on later. Interesting just what was on the home page.

Chinese Knapweed is a NASTY and, like star thistle, it crowds out everything else. It spews a toxic from its roots into the surrounding soil that kills any other plant, and is like a low-grade poison ivy when brushed by bare skin. You end up with little itchy welts and bumps up and down your legs. Awful plant. Like so much else, I wish it had stayed in China!

The weevils came from the Bitterroot Valley over in Montana where they were completely over-run with this crap, and now they are down to 10% or so which is far better than what they were dealing with. Even goats won’t eat it!

This ridgeline property was absolutely covered with it and I didn’t know it having moved here in late Spring before it really got going (it’s a hot weather in-the-sun plant). The previous owners didn’t tell me about it but the retired biology teacher neighbor did. I did some research and found out about the weevils, and Eastern U had an on-going research program about it so the state had started allowing importation and release due to no adverse affects. So 4 years after I bought this place I bought off the website and released both kinds.

It took 6 years before I really noticed a difference, 2014, and the flying weevils started showing up on the neighbors’ 12 acres across the dirt road and then the biologist’s property to the north the next year. And I started seeing them up the ridgeline above me on hikes with the dogs as the info says they tend to fly uphill. I’m assuming the root weevils take a lot longer to spread out (I released both).

Now it’s 11 years since release and as I said previously, the native plants are coming back on their own as the earth dilutes the knapweed poisons left in the ground. Walking down to the gate I pass through an area that is just infused with the perfume of I-don’t-know-how-many kinds of flowers that have sprung up the last couple of years. Being a botanist you’d probably know what they are! I just get to smell them all.

It’s intoxicating in late May and June to walk down to check the mail on the county gravel road when the wind isn’t blowing. It’s like walking into a cloud of…can’t call it perfume because human perfume stinks of corporate chemicals. No wonder the native bee species are coming back!

There are pictures of this place on my shop website: both on the home page and in ‘Gallery’ if you are interested in seeing where I’m talking about.

Anne Jackson Hefti: If this OB born-MB raised old surfer lived down there still I would definitely come. Pretty much everybody I grew up with down there is gone or maybe it’s me that is so out of touch, but the last time I was in San Diego I couldn’t find anybody anywhere, no phone numbers, nothing except my ex Vivian ‘Bevo’ Reed-xxx who still lived down there with her 2nd husband and two kids, and I really had nothing worthwhile to say to her… So no tribe in SoCal anymore to share your info. You should, however, take some quotes out of Rachel Carson’s book and add them to your pass-out materials. She is the mother of the environmental movement!



retired botanist May 9, 2019 at 6:21 pm

Seal! Just checked out your Boardwarm site…dang, it looks cold up there but gonna send along a SASE for one of those stickers to send my daughter for her skateboard :-)


sealintheSelkirks May 9, 2019 at 8:14 pm

No problem, I can do that. And I’m still rolling concrete (when I get to town or down to the city) on one or another of the shop’s collection of 70s pool riders. Spring/Summer/Fall there is always a skate in whichever vehicle I’m driving!

Currently I’ve been on a ’77 Bahne 27″ Bullet Bob Mohr warptail with Lazer mid-trucks, but I just switched out the littler green Sims Mini-Comp wheels for a set of 60mm green Tunnel Rocks. Both wheels are serious softies…

And yes, it does get cold up here (-20’F winter days) but I’ve been surfing mountains for the 2nd half of my life so it is just a matter of what you get used to! When the temperature goes up to 40’F out come the short pants and flip flops! But the ocean up here is bone-chilling cold and even the best wetsuit doesn’t leave you out in the water more than 90 minutes at a time…if that!



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