Does Ocean Beach Have a Sinkhole?

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in Ocean Beach

Water is coming from underneath the asphalt and concrete of the street along Froude near Narragansett Avenue. And a number of local agencies have responded to what is reported to be a water main break.

But is it also a sinkhole? A city of San Diego spokesperson said they had a report of a sinkhole.

7SanDiego reports that police and fire units are at the scene – and they are telling the media water is coming from beneath the street and there are real concerns the street could buckle, causing potholes and even a sinkhole.

Water values have been turned off and as of now, no homes have been affected.

Both images are screen grabs from NBC7

SDPD received their first report at around 11:30 a.m. Police and Fire-Rescue responded, as well as the city’s Public Works Department.


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Geoff Page January 17, 2019 at 10:33 am

Having dealt with quite a few of these breaks in my time, I can say that the damage caused by a broken main can be extensive. I remember a case in San Marcos or Vista where a contractor broke a large main in a major intersection. Before they could shut it off, it destroyed the intersection and the company went bankrupt because of it. Concrete streets can be completely undermined and still stand up for a period of time. I would guess they will find a big cavity under the pavement when they open it up. I remember another case in a Pacific Beach alley where a contractor was to place a sewer main. They saw-cut the concrete and as soon as they removed some of the saw-cut material, the entire alley collapsed. The contractor said the voids below the concrete were so big a VW Bug could have fit under there.


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