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(And other important info on getting your news)

From San Diego Free Press

Dear friends,

The day has come to dim the lights at the San Diego Free Press. We could not have had such a successful six and a half year run without you. Each one of you invested something essential in this endeavor, whether it was through your thought-provoking submissions, committed readership, or crucial financial support. We are so grateful for the opportunities we have had as editors to get to know so many of you personally.

We have some important good news to convey. We were able to renew our server contract, which keeps the site live, through June 2021! That means that even though we will no longer be publishing new content, our archives, comprised of more than 9,000 posts, will be accessible on the site through that date. To those of you who recently donated, you helped to make that extension possible – thank you so very much.

There are a few other details that we would like to leave you with.

We have not transferred the SDFP site to another entity. We still own it.

You can continue to stay in touch with us at It may take us a little longer to respond, but we will continue to read our email.

We will continue to post to our Facebook page, although it will not be SDFP content, but rather curated local, national and international news. And some much needed memes for respite. Thank you for continuing to follow us there.

Our Twitter list on the right side of the homepage will remain active. It is a great source of information about what is happening locally as well as nationally.

Our donation button will also remain active. We hope to have enough funds to submit entries to the Society of Professional Journalists, San Diego Chapter annual awards, for work published in 2018. We still need to raise around $800 for the entry submissions and the award banquet.

Additional comments on the site will be suspended on Monday, December 17. All comments made and approved on articles before then will remain visible and a part of the site archive.

We urge you to continue your citizen journalism at our sister publication OB Rag. Send submissions to  Popular SDFP writers Ernie McCray and Jim Miller and we hope many others will continue to submit there.  .

How can you stay aware of progressive news and activism? We recommend keeping San Diego Indivisible – Downtown on your radar. They produced a comprehensive Midterm Election 2018 voter guide, and we hope they will continue the trend during future elections. The San Diego County Indivisible website offers information on it various local chapters and calls-to-action.

There is also an abbreviated list of people and organizations to check in with listed below.

As for the future of the San Diego Free Press? We can’t see it from this vantage point at this moment. But the possibility for a re-launch with a re-constituted editorial board remains possible. Let us know if you have ideas or are interested. The Editorial Board will address this more next year, after a much needed siesta.

In the meantime, we will look for you out in the streets and online, still resisting, still making our progressive voices heard.

Thank you all – it’s been grand adventure!

The Editorial Board: Anna Daniels, Rich Ka?mar, Doug Porter, Annie Lane, Brent Beltrán, Frank Gormlie and Patty Jones

Regional progressive sites, people and organizations:

OB Rag
San Diego City Beat
Alianza North County
East County Magazine
CPI- Center on Policy Initiatives
Michael McConnell FB (issues impacting homeless people)
San Diego 350
Alliance San Diego
ACLU San Diego & Imperial County
EHC- Environmental Health Coalition
PANA- Partnership for Advancement of New Americans
KNSJ radio
CWP- San Diego City Works Press

Let it be known that Frank Gormlie, Patty Jones, Doug Porter, Annie Lane, Brent Beltrán, Anna Daniels, and Rich Kacmar did something necessary and beautiful together for 6 1/2 years. Together, we advanced the cause of journalism by advancing the cause of justice. It has been a helluva ride. “Sometimes a great notion…”

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Frank Gormlie December 14, 2018 at 12:39 pm

It has been a helluva ride with the Free Press. Let it be known the OB Rag will continue to publish Monday – Friday.


Ron Wilson December 14, 2018 at 11:23 pm


good to see you are alive and still fighting for justice and progress. I meet you at the Move on rallies in bout 2008-2010 time frame. You are not the only one who was burned off by move on. I contributed $25 to the cause and got an email complaining, that “most people give $50.” I was so disappointed and really shocked I complained to the guy who was the head coordinator. He apologized but for me, the damage was done. I now organize with Progressive Democrate of America or Bernie Sanders group. I will continue to follow you on the OB Rag.
You have my support.
Ron Wilson


ZZ December 14, 2018 at 11:08 pm

Thank you for the good work and volunteer labor. I was a fan.


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