Tell Airport Leaders San Diego Needs Better Mass Transit to the Airport – Send Letter Provided Now

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Circulate San Diego is trying to get San Diego residents to let the leaders of the San Diego airport know how we want to see better mass transit – even a trolley – to the airport. And they urge everyone to send a letter now – through a form they provide.

It’s criminal that there isn’t a trolley already to the airport. Many other major cities have a train, street car or tram to theirs.

Here’s the message from Circulate San Diego:

Do you want to see world-class transit options at the San Diego International Airport? Let Airport leaders know. Send them a letter NOW by filling out a simple form here. It’s easy!

As Circulate San Diego noted in a recent letter to the Airport and thoroughly detailed Voice of San Diego’s article, the Airport’s $1 billion plan to redevelop Terminal 1 does not include any serious improvements to bus or rail transit, ignoring an idea many San Diegans have pushed for years — connecting the trolley to the Airport.

The graphic [above] shows a People Mover located mostly on Airport property. It is just one idea the Airport should consider to connect travelers to nearby trolley stops.

Join Circulate and many more stakeholders to let the Airport leaders know San Diego Needs Better Transit to and from the Airport!

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Ol OB Hippie October 15, 2018 at 1:14 pm

We need a trolley that drops us off right at the door of the airport. Like San Francisco. Like Atlanta and like countless other cities. Sign the form, send it in.


Peter from South O October 15, 2018 at 2:47 pm

There is a world of administrative conflict when you try to build transit onto airport property. The regulatory agencies are entirely different, and getting Federal matching funds that can’t be mixed . . . well, you can imagine that the political will is lacking.

But the link is already in existence!

Well, you DO have to walk about 900 feet, but taking the trolley to Middletown station, then walking across the street to the frontage road (Admiral Bolland Way) you can catch a free shuttle that goes to each terminal every 15 mins.

The City improved the sidewalks and crosswalks involved back in 2013 to conform to ADA standards specifically for this link between the trolley and the shuttle, so roller-bags, etc are not a logistical problem.

Personally, I would take any trolley (we seem to really, REALLY need a trolley ride here, for unknown reasons) to Santa Fe Station and catch the airport bus at Broadway.


Bart October 15, 2018 at 9:45 pm

It’s not a very smart idea to build all of this around our rediculously small, one runway airport.
I agree that an airport should have a better way to get people in and out of the location.


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