OB Walkabout: Halloween 2

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in Ocean Beach

Worst white fly infestation ever! (All photos by Joaquin Antique except 2)

by Joaquin Antique

As I strolled around town this week there seemed to be less Halloween decorations in Ocean Beach than last year.  I think it’s probably because most people are burned out from the real horror show in the White House and the Republican-dominated Congress.

Who needs jack-o’-lanterns when you already have an evil orange demon running the show in Washington?  Who needs zombies when you have packs of evil racists marching through the streets of Charlottesville and other cities?

Some people in OB still are spreading the Halloween spirit, though as the accompanying pictures demonstrate.

Jolly Pumpkin

“Let me out of here–they’re watching Fox News!”


Custom tombstones are big this year.


Halloween and the Dead arise.


Itsy bitsy spider…


Less businesses decorated this year but BBQ House and …


… the OB Hostel still got in the spirit of things.

Editordude took this picture. I wanted to caption it “Bonnie Dumanis visits OB” but decided it would be unfair to witches.


The Big Pumpkin arises (Editordude sneaked this one in also)


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