Time Should be Running Out for the President and His Republican Cronies

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By Ernie McCray

I began this writing a day after one of the president’s thuggish friends, a man who led his campaign, was found guilty of several counts of fraud, and his personal lawyer and “fixer” pleaded guilty to illegal payments under his direction.

I waited a day to see how the Republicans in the Senate and the House would react, foolishly holding out that they would finally say “Enough” to the lunacy coming out of the West Wing of the White House – considering that the clock should have run out on his presidency months ago.

And all they’ve done so far is claim that a sitting president can’t be indicted when, whether that is true or not, they have the power to take him down. Like they could impeach the sordid clown.

How can they abide another second of him, all his racism: equating black folks with nazi’s and the klan; his denigration of Muslims and black athletes in the NFL and the NBA and brown immigrants seeking asylum; his tagging black heroes as dumb…?

I can only assume they share the same views.

And how many more pussy-grabbing-like situations, especially those that constitute a crime, are they going to let this wretched being subject us to? I have to guess that, they, too, just see women as objects for our pleasure.

The man gangsta slapped transgendered military folks with hardly a peep out of them. So what can I say, they must be phobic about non-traditional identities, just like him.

He cozies up to Russia and talks “Yo Mama” to our allies and continually lies like an out of control fibbing machine and obstructs justice as part of his daily routine and these “representatives of the people” swell up and pout and mumble on Fox and then greet the sucker with a friendly smile.

Such a lack of integrity and decency is socially stifling.

I, of course, didn’t expect the Republicans to address what I’ve just laid out but I’ve been somewhat surprised at how silent they’ve been over the president’s attitudes towards the likes of the FBI and CIA.

With all the flag waving and parades and gratefulness for the Second Amendment and being pissed off when a black person doesn’t stand for the anthem they’ve done over the years, I thought for sure they would snap at the very notion of our country’s “Intelligence Agencies” being maligned.

I thought they took that stuff seriously – just from my experiences with G-Men types, talking to them a couple of times because somebody protesting with me was a commie; seeing J Edgar Hoover go after Martin Luther King for his infidelities so he couldn’t be effective in helping a people become free; feeling the tension in some of the streets in San Diego when the FBI pitted the Black Panthers and US Organization against each other, creating danger and causing death; feeling anger as the CIA funded Contras interfered with work we were doing locally to help the Sandanistas when they were doing wonderful things, increasing literacy, feeding the hungry, initiating land reform.

So I’m no fan of the FBI and the CIA but, at the same time, I know how effective they can be and whether I like them or not they are needed in this messed up world, one which they helped to create.

In other words somebody’s got to put their lives on the line and hide in the shadows and go after the bin Ladens of the world.

And when a president insists on calling them names and threatens to fire them and revoke clearances that allow them to do all that spying and whatnot that they do – he’s making an already shaky world a lot more unstable.

I didn’t think Republicans would sit back and allow that.

So their time in power should be running out. Just like his.

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Nathan Post September 6, 2018 at 10:43 am

The “man who ran his campaign” as you call him, worked for President Trump for a total of three months. He previously worked for Ronald Reagan, and Bob Dole. He is said to do a good job. Why wouldn’t you hire him? This is what is known as guilt by association. So if you know a bank robber, but you don’t know he robbed a bank, your a bank robber right? Your views are totally warped by your personal hatred of the President. If you overlook the presidents tweets you will find that he has accomplished a lot of good things in a very short time.


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