Reports of Airbnb’s Paid Signature Gatherers Tricking Voters With Lies

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Save San Diego Neighborhoods, one of the main city-wide organizations opposed to short term vacation rentals, has released a report stating they are receiving reports from throughout the city that Airbnb’s paid signature gatherers are tricking voters into signing their petition with outright lies.

The group advises San Diegans, “Don’t let them get away with it!”

Here is most of their statement:

The Facts

All short-term rentals are and always have been illegal. The vote on July 16th made primary residence, whole-home and room rentals legal for the first time starting next July. Investor-owned vacation rentals remain illegal.

To be perfectly clear, the City Council vote expanded the uses allowed in a San Diegan’s primary residence to allow short term rentals for up to 180 days a year.  Nothing was taken away or reduced.

Their Lies

Airbnb flew people in from as far away as Ohio to mislead San Diegans with statements like…

  • “The City Council banned Airbnb. Sign this to stop them.”
  • “Stop the City Council from making Airbnbs illegal. Protect your property rights.”
  • “Stop the City Council from taking your property rights.”

Their Hypocrisy

For years, Airbnb claimed it was on the side of people who want to rent their primary residence. The $100,000 Airbnb is spending to stop the City Council from legalizing these rentals exposes their lie. Airbnb only cares about the investor-owned vacation rentals because that is where 80% of their revenue comes from.

SSDN says it has the proof. They stated:

We have already received recordings. And, based on the number of smartphones in San Diego, we expect to receive more.

If you have any more evidence of their lies, contact Save San Diego Neighborhoods. Or contact the OB Rag ( And tell your friends and family not to sign their petition!


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sealintheSelkirks August 18, 2018 at 9:10 pm

Well, here it is, that asymmetrical corporate attack I was warning of. This is what these people do, they come in the dark from behind with poison and knives.

Like the republican-paid ‘Brooks Brothers Riots’ that attacked and shut down the recount votes in Florida in 2000 so that W bush would be declared the winner. Imagine what would have happened if they would have been lefties; another police riot I’m sure!).

The corporate boards order in the goons from outside (I mean, really, what else would you call people that carry these petitions?) to distort and lie and cheat and pound you with guilt and elicit emotional responses with loaded trigger words to short-circuit in people’s cognitive thinking.

THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS, YOUR KIDS, NOTHING ELSE BUT CORPORATE PROFITS. Sick, isn’t it? Can you imagine how’d NIMBY they’d get if it was their neighborhoods?

There’s some real trigger words to throw back in their faces.

DON’T let them do it. Fight them! Spread the word any way you can about these manipulating contemptible people.



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