Ocean Beach Voted Blue Down the Ballot – a Map Gallery

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in Ocean Beach

The Blue Wave did hit Ocean Beach, as once again, OB voted blue up and down the Primary ballot in select County races. Precinct by precinct, OB voters cast their ballots for the Democratic upstarts for District Attorney and for County Sheriff.

OB was split between County Board of Supervisors and Democratic candidates Nathan Fletcher and Lori Saldaña, with more going for Fletcher.

Here’s a gallery of maps from a few select County races (from inewsource.com)

OB Voted for Jones-Wright for District Attorney – as Did Most of the City

OB precincts in DA race. Blue for Jones-Wright, red for Stephan. (click on image for larger version)

The above map shows a sea of blue covering the OB precincts – those that went for DA candidate Genevieve Jones-Wright; the red areas went for Summer Stephan, the victor.

As OB went, so did much of the rest of the City of San Diego, particularly those communities south of I-8.

Primary map showing blue precincts for Jones-Wright and red for Stephan.

OB Voted for Sheriff Candidate Dave Myers

Here’s the map of OB precincts that favored Democratic upstart Dave Myers for County Sheriff.

OB precincts: blue for Myers, red for Gore.

And here’s how the rest of much of the city went.

Much of the city went for Myers, in blue, and not for Gore, in red.

These maps demonstrate how Ocean Beach continues to vote with the most liberal and progressive areas of the city.

OB Splits Over Fletcher and Saldaña

Here’s the OB precinct map covering the District 4 County Board of Supervisors race. Blue – the precincts for Nathan Fletcher and light blue for Lori Saldaña. Grassroots candidate Omar Passons didn’t take any precincts in the area. Red precincts went for Bonnie Dumanis.

OB and parts of Point Loma District 4 County Supervisor race. Blue precincts went for Fletcher, light blue for Saldana, and red for Dumanis. (Don’t ask me what’s the deal with that ‘white’ precinct.)

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Ol OB Hippie June 8, 2018 at 10:57 am

It looks like south and southwest OB went for Saldana whereas northwest, central and northeast OB went for Fletcher. Interesting ……..


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