The 4 Stages of How Americans Respond to Mass Shootings

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Here are the four stages of how Americans respond to mass shootings, such as the horrific massacre in Las Vegas that just occurred Sunday night:

The Four Stages

Stage 1:

Grief and outrage and condemnation.

Stage 2:

Surge in gun sales.

Stage 3:

Calls for limits on automatic-weapons, magazines, silencers.

Stage 4:

Nothing. There is no stage 4.

(hat tip to LA Times letter writer 10/2/17)

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retired Botanist October 3, 2017 at 3:49 pm

True that. Was so appalled to read that there is always an immediate uptick in trading/buying of gun shares on Wall St, as the investors are always anticipating subsequent gun legislation, which we all know never happens. Way to be Wall St. After raping us of our savings in 2008, they now make money on mass shootings?! When was the last time anyone heard of Wall St. coming to aid in humanitarian crises? That would be never. And Congress? A “moment of silence” over the “incident” (I guess what we now call mass domestic carnage- an incident). Seems to me Congress has been nothing BUT silent on gun control. For 30 years. So shallow. So vapid. So dysfunctional. And of course the media are all about the shooter- why , when, where- what’s the point? He’s dead, too. Oh wait! Its b/c we get a “better understanding” of the motive. Well, that just helps us all, doesn’t it? But let’s just keep protecting that constitutional right to bear arms. So anyone can shoot me. Anytime, anywhere.
And While We’re At It Dept: the solution offered? More law enforcement, more bag checks and security and metal detectors in high schools, more lock-down drills in elementary schools, but that’s a ‘small price’ to pay for safety. Oh wait, except when someone has automatic weapons in a hotel room with a great view of all humanity, except when someone doesn’t keep their guns locked up during a play-date, except when someone goes postal and returns to their former work-place, except when someone walks into a fast food restaurant, except when someone walks into a movie theater… gee, I feel so safe now. Because they all shot themselves and were determined to be ‘off balance’. No wonder we’ve reached an age and status of technology where people order their groceries from home…wait until drones start packing heat…


aj October 3, 2017 at 4:37 pm



triggerfinger October 3, 2017 at 4:42 pm

I support the 2nd amendment, and I’ve gotta say, you nailed it Frank.


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