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By Bob Dorn / San Diego Free Press

I woke up to a New York Times headline on Tuesday, October 3: No Easy Answers After Las Vegas.

Yes, there are.

Let’s not sell automatic rifles to anyone who goes to a gun show or a gun shop. F**k ’em. Let them manufacture their own, like the moonshiners during Prohibition did. Then they can strut and have movies and serials that can make them feel like they won the Civil War.

Maybe they’d even be arrested for possession of killing machinery.

While we’re at it, let’s not sell guns to kids. If a kid has a gun, it should be confiscated — no questions asked, unless the police want to know how he got the gun. Watch out Daddy (and Mommy), you might be thrown in jail, too.

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Let’s not sell clips with heavy or light loads that feed their lead poison into altered assault rifles firing two rounds a second … you know, like those weapons that thrilled patriots watching Japanese fighters in our propaganda movies from the late ’40s.

Las Vegas, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and Columbine were not movies, by the way. There were no uglified Japanese actors in those videos. Those were dead people, many of them kids.

Has anyone noticed that the National Rifle Association has been ducking and covering the last few years? It’s because they’ve become so successful at buying politicians and defeating controls of deadly machinery that they no longer need manly explanations of why I should be able to have an assault rifle.

“The total of contributions to candidates by the National Rifle Association [Political Action Committees] and its affiliates is 51 times larger than contributions from individuals,” and “14 out of 35 National Rifle Association lobbyists in 2015-2016 have previously held government jobs,” says Open Secrets.

Open Secrets. It’s the online site of The Center for Responsive Politics, which even the New York Times frequently defines as liberal. That reminds me: the NRA and the Deep South States don’t want me to have an assault rifle because, after all, I’m a damn liberal too. I could have one only if I were part of the Deep South States.

In the days after massacres, our less than courageous national leaders will offer condolences, will say they’re praying for the victims’ families. They’re not praying; they’re offering a “warm condolence” to mothers and fathers and friends of the dead. They’re wasting time blathering about decency. They should instead simply say they’re sorry for what they’ve done.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the spokeswoman for our absent-minded President, choked up while reading — reading — her words of condolence for families and praise for first responders who came to the aid of the dying in Las Vegas. So what? Who on earth doesn’t feel, at the very least, sad about massacres?

I do care when Sanders, in her sovereignty, berates reporters for asking if legislated gun control isn’t a necessity. Now is not the time, she answered. We have to be sorry.

Politicians like Huckabee Sanders, most of them Republicans, are complicit in these massacres.

We peddle war to kids. I have a teacher friend who says he knows two boys who received war video games directly from the US Army.

Now is the time to deal with this national wave of forgetfulness, this intimidation by gun wavers like the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Alabama, this obscene rapture over long-distance violence, which will soon leave a bloody corpse in your street or walkway or school breezeway.

Then you’ll remember.


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