Abbott – Muir Condos and Narragansett Demolition Project Return to Ocean Beach Planning Board – Wed., Nov. 1st

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3 condos are planned at the empty lot at Abbott and Muir. Good-by horseshoes.

The Ocean Beach Planning Board meets Wednesday night, November 1st, and has 4 action items on its agenda. The Board meets in the Community Room of the OB Rec Center, 4726 Santa Monica Ave.

First, the Board will review its attendance log for the 2016 calendar year, and if any Board member has missed too many meetings, he or she may face some kind of sanction, according to the bylaws.

Second, the Board will discuss recent events within the short term vacation rental controversy – such as the recent cancellation of a City Council hearing ostensibly due to a last-minute memo from the City Attorney’s Office – and potentially take steps according to their stance.

Action Items 3 and 4 are projects; one is a demolition and remodel at 5018 Narragansett and the other is – pending the receipt by the Board of updated documents – the construction of condos at the bare lot at Abbott and Muir.

Front of 5018 Narragansett.

5018 & 1/2 Narragansett Avenue Project

This Coastal Development Permit proposes to demolish and to remodel 2 single story units with a second story addition on each unit. This will result in a net increase of approximately 954 square feet per unit – or 1,908 square feet overall – on the .8 acre lot.

When this project was scheduled to be reviewed by the Board’s Project Review Committee in July, no one showed. It returned on the August 16th meeting of the sub-committee. And now it’s before the full Board for their review (we do not know what the sub-committee’s vote on the project was).

Abbott- Muir Condos

Like a see-saw, this project with its checkered career has bounced back and forth at OB Planning Board meetings. Originally designed as 4 units – but rejected by the Board – it has returned like Frankenstein once again. Yet unless the Board has received updated documents of the project, it will be bounced out again.

When this project was to appear before the Project Review committee on October 18th, we reported:

Before the panel is a new design for the controversial condo project at Abbott and Muir. Before the review panel is a process 3 coastal development permit, a site development permit and tentative map to construct 4 condos (although the agenda also states the “proposed # of Units: 3”; this is due to changes by the developer from the original project description – see below) at the corner of Abbott and Muir. The proposed gross floor area is 5,650 square feet on a 7,500 square foot lot.

Nothing happened as the committee didn’t have a quorum. We have not seen the new design. For more about this project’s history.

Here is the official agenda:


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