Innocent People Don’t Need Preemptive Pardons – Progressive Activist Calendar for San Diego: July 21- 31, 2017

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The first 44 Presidents of the United States didn’t contemplate pardoning their children. Now we’ve learned number 45 may be breaking this precedent.

The Washington Post is reporting that Trump is discussing the possibility of pardoning himself, his family, and his closest aides in response to news about investigators looking into his finances as well as his campaign’s complicity in Russia’s subversion of the 2016 election.

His legal team, according to reporting at the Post and a NY Times story, is digging up dirt on the special counsel investigators in an attempt to discredit them.

The media is rife with speculation concerning the employment security of the Attorney General and the Special Counsel.

For right now, it’s all just talk. But the President’s disregard for constitutionally derived checks and balances has never been clearer.

Should Trump opt to act upon his authoritarian impulses, popular reaction needs to be swift and massive. Protests against the abuse of power by the executive branch need to focus on those levers of power capable of creating meaningful political pressure.

The fundamental difference between opposing policy decisions and an existential threat to Democracy creates the need for multiple and multilayered responses to any despotic actions.

Donald Trump isn’t going to quit because people take to the street to protest. If those in the legislative offices enabling him come to believe their jobs are on the line, if corporate leaders see uncertainty, and if the fourth estate can be made to understand this is no longer a game, then change will occur.

The President’s defenders will not come to their senses. A Public Policy Polling survey released this week showed only 34% of Republicans would disapprove of the President shooting someone on Fifth Avenue, referring back to Trump’s campaign boast about how loyal his supporters are.

Get ready.

In the meantime, there is lots of activist action in San Diego over the next ten days.

So what will you do? Check out this week’s Progressive Calendar listings below. Following those listings are upcoming events of national importance, along with opportunities for organizational involvement.

Get your event listed: I try to list the next 10 days or so of mostly non-commercial events I think our readers might find of interest. I source my material from social media listings and press releases. Club meetings will be listed IF there are speakers and they are open to the public.

Events that are listed on Facebook as ‘private’ or sold out are not listed. In cases where there are competing but similar events or campaigns of the progressive persuasion, I do my best to list everything.

July 21

Free Family Movie Night

Friday, July 21, 6pm
San Diego LGBT Community Center
3909 Centre Street (Hillcrest)
For More Information
Hosted by Families at The Center and San Diego LGBT Community Center

Join Families @ The Center as we watch the documentary ‘GenderRevolution: A Journey with Katie Couric’ followed by a panel discussion. Topics will include: female to male, male to female, nonbinary/genderqueer and different aspects of transition. Feel free to bring questions for the panelists. Light refreshments will be served. *RSVP REQUIRED* RSVP to Em Jackson at

Happy Hour “Tear Down the Wall”

Friday, July 21, 5:30pm
3850 Westgate Place
For More Information
Co-sponsored by Peace Resource Center
and American Friends Service Committee

Food will be provided. Beer and wine for sale at our Cash Bar.

Program discussion pieces:

?AFSC report: “On the Borderline: Abuses at the U.S.-Mexico Border”- a report on the human and civil rights abuses at the border that seeks to improve accountability measures on the interactions between border agents and the public.

?Being good allies- what does it mean to be a good ally to threatened communities

?PRC campaign: Criminal Justice and Civil Engagement- a city wide training program and advocacy work for the criminal justice system and specific community issues

Roy Zimmerman’s “ReZist” at The GO!

Friday, July 21, 7pm
Grassroots Oasis
3130 Moore St
For More Information (Tickets)

A very special Friday night concert at The GO with the indefatigable singer-satirist Roy Zimmerman, 5 months into the Trump Administration.

“ReZist” is ninety minutes of Roy Zimmerman’s hilarious, rhyme-intensive original songs. “Sometimes I think satire is the most hopeful and heartfelt form of expression,” says Roy, “because in calling out the world’s absurdities and laughing in their face, I’m affirming the real possibility of change.

Meet Gayle McLaughlin for California Lt. Governor

Friday, July 21, 6:30pm
2251 Catalina Avenue (Vista)
For More Information

Progressive Gayle McLaughlin is running for California Lt Governor, and she would like to meet progressives in our area. As the mayor of Richmond CA, she led the city in a progressive direction.

Court Support. Dept. 36- Med-West Attorney Jessica McElfresh

Friday, July 21, 2:30pm
San Diego Superior Court
220 West Broadway (Downtown)
For More Information

The hearing on the 21st will be a continuation of the how to protect client privacy. The judge expects to have the special master and his report available as well. In advance of the hearing, Judge Halgren suggested the attorneys meet and confer about exactly which search terms they can stipulate. Jorjito asserted the defense would not have the final say over search terms and Iredale asserted the DA would not be privy to the special master’s findings until the conferring had taken place.

Light Brigade – Racing Kills Horses

Friday, July 21, 7:20pm
Del Mar Heights Road Over I5
For More Information

Yes it is already that time of year, where horses will die in Del Mar at the race track. This is the first weekend of racing.

We need 17 people. We will be on the bridge on Del Mar Heights Road on the 5 freeway. Please park near Jack in the Box and we will walk to the bridge.

Chicano-Con: Barrio Logan

Friday, July 21/22/23
Border X
2181 Logan Avenue
For More Information

Chicano – Con will be a bridge to expose residents and visitors to art, music, architecture, and culture of Barrio Logan and its creative opportunities with a FREE family friendly event

July 22

Rise and Persist Unity Rally

Saturday, July 22, 9:30am
Temecula Duck Pond
28250 Ynez Road (Temecula)
For More Information

Join us in a peaceful demonstration as we unite against the Trump administration. Please bring American flags, signs, and your love for democracy. This is a family friendly event and we will have extra signs. This event is organized by Temecula Rise and Resist, Temecula Valley Democrats, the Democrats of Southwest Riverside County, Hear Our Voice of the IE, and Indivisible 42. We hope to see you there!

SD March for Education

Saturday, July 22, 10am
Civic Center Plaza
1200 Third Avenue (Downtown)
For More Information

Speakers & Music at 10:15, March at 11:00 Student Expo & Bands at Washington Elementary 12:00 noon

Creating an education experience where students are able to discover their passion(s) while learning the skills they need to be productive citizens. Public Schools will be safe, inclusive spaces for learning and critical thinking. Charter and private schools will be held to higher standards and provide transparent metrics of success. As members of the March for Education, we aim to advance policy and address issues of: equity, inclusion, accountability, well-funded educational institutions and the right to organize.

Standing Up! Intervening in Community Conflict

Saturday, July 22, 11am
Peace Resource Center
3850 Westgate Place
For More Information

Too often we hear of people under attack as the national dialogue targets the “other”.

More of our sisters and brothers are at risk. This first of the Conflict Intervention Series by the PRC and allies uses love and distraction to reduce conflict. Come join us and practice the 5 “D”s of Upstander Intervention.Free Workshop!

This workshop takes place again on Monday, July 24, at the OB Green Center (4843 Voltaire St) (619) 225-1083 for more information

Two Days of Protest at Del Mar Race Track

Saturday, July 22, 11:30am
Sunday, July 23, 11:30am
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard
For More Information

So the lies have began already early. Joe Harper stating that starting the races one week later is for the horses. Well that is absurd. In all reality there will be 36 racing days for the summer meet instead of 39. Tell me Mr. Harper how is that helping the horses?

We will meet inside the parking lot to the entrance. Be prepared for an entire summer of protests.

San Diego Original Black Panther Party Breakfast Forum

Saturday, July 22, 10am
Bonnie Jean Soul Food
1964 54th Street
For More Information

Come out and learn first hand, the history of the San Diego Original Black Panther Party, while you share your community struggles and triumphs and we can explore solutions together…. Also, Bonnie Jeans will be serving up some delicious soul food breakfasts…

Movie Screening: Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice

Saturday, July 22, 1:30pm
Scripps Miramar Ranch Library
10301 Scripps Lake Drive
RSVP Please

A documentary film directed by Holly Yasui and Will Doolittle, Narrated by George Takei

The San Diego Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League and the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties invite you to see this new documentary followed by a discussion with daughter and film-maker, Holly Yasui, the Hon. Dana Makoto Sabraw, U.S. Southern District Judge of California, and Attorney Genevieve Suzuki, board member, SD JACL. Space is limited. Suggested donation $5.

Our Revolution North County SD General Membership Meeting

Saturday, July 22, 1pm
Indian Joe Brewing
2123 Industrial Court (Vista)
For More Information

We will have a guest speaker, Beth Herman, who has a 40-year history in psychiatric nursing and substance abuse. Beth volunteers with National Association for Mental Illness and the Family Health Centers of San Diego. Her local volunteer efforts include harm reduction that provides alternative approaches to substance abuse and its effects.

North County Climate Change Alliance Meeting

Saturday, July 22, 1pm
City of Carlsbad Harding Community Center
3096 Harding Street
For More Information

Networking opportunity for groups and individuals concerned about climate change.

Be A REAL Superhero – Fight Trafficking at Comic-Con

Saturday, July 22, 2pm
The G Street Enhancement
302 G Street
For More Information

In order to combat this scourge, Hope for San Diego and Human Trafficking SD have teamed up once again to distribute TipCards to attendees which educate about how to identify and report suspected human trafficking. Last year 200 volunteers distributed nearly 15,000 TipCards, and this year they hope to double that number.

The “Fearless Campaign” volunteers and I will be out in force to aid the cause from 2-7pm on Saturday July 22nd. I strongly encourage all who can make it to join us and help fight the good fight. Added perks include: having a great time, seeing some amazing costumes, and getting a free FEARLESS CAMPAIGN t-shirt to keep as a souvenir!

July 23

SD Indivisible Downtown July Meeting:
Focus on Lgbtq+ Rights

Sunday, July 23, 1pm
The Rose Wine Bar
2219 30th Street (South Park)
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Invisible – Downtown Group

A July chapter meeting, to follow up on San Diego Pride Celebrations. Note: This venue is 21+.

Chicano Con Day 3 – Tribute to Cartoonist “Junco” & DJ Bob Green

Sunday, July 23, 3pm
Border X Brewing
2181 Logan Avenue (Barrio Logan)
For More Information

Tribute to Local Barrio Cartoonist “Junco”

Meet and Greet
Posters and T-Shirts for Sale
Live portrait sketches by Junco
Music by DJ Bob Green & Percussion by Saul of Bulevar Descarga

Democratic Party Mechanics for Non-mechanics

Sunday, July 23, 4pm
Point Loma Assembly
3035 Talbot Street
For More Information

Steve Rivera is a long time member of the California Democratic Party and former Regional Director for our area, Region 20. At this month’s meeting Steve explains the structure of the Democratic Party and in particular the local and State party organization. Steve will cover Party basics, where he thinks there will be changes and how we can make it better.

From the national level on down changes are being demanded by regular Party members. Last year the Democratic National Convention Rules Committee agreed to change the rules regarding superdelegates. Just this last week San Diego County Democratic clubs proposed changing the Bylaws of the San Diego County Democratic Party to insure that clubs are consulted on rule changes that affect clubs and their members

July 24

Support SafeCamp and SafePark Zones for Unsheltered San Diegans!

Monday, July 24, 8;30am
San Diego City Council
202 C Street (Downtown)
For More Information
Hosted by Women Occupy – San Diego

SD Councilmember Chris Ward, Chair of the Council’s Select Committee on Homelessness and Vice Chair of the Regional Task Force on Homelessness, is proposing that the City set up the SafeCamp/Park Zones we’ve been proposing since January!

Council Meeting on Affordable Housing

Monday, July 24, Noon
San Diego City Council
202 C Street (Downtown)
For More Information
Hosted by Build Better San Diego

The San Diego City Council is hosting a special council meeting on Affordable Housing, they are touting it as “Housing Action Day”. Come tell the City what kind of action you want to see to address the affordable housing crisis. We need real action now!

Emerge CA San Diego Recruitment Salon

Monday, July 24, 5:30pm
3737 Camino Del Rio South #101
For More Information
Hosted by Emerge California

Join Emerge CA and Special Guest San Diego City Attorney and Emerge Alumnae Mara Elliott to learn more about our 2017 training program. Emerge is committed to training pro-choice Democratic women to run for office and to win. Reserve your tickets now for this exciting opportunity!

TOGETHER WE WILL: San Diego North County Inland Meeting

Monday, July 24, 6 pm
Chalice Unitarian Universalist
2324 Miller Ave (Escondido)
For More Information

Calling all Together We Will and Escondido Indivisible members!

Come join your fellow North County people who want to be part of the change! On July 24th, a Monday, we will be merging TWW and Escondido meetings into one. Many of you already know Laura Hunter, she will be the co-leader of our Monday meeting from now on (4th Monday of every month). We will be having a guest speaker and discussing local issues.. If you want to bring an appetizer that would be great. Come and be with like-minded people!

July 25

Uptown Democratic Club

Tuesday, July 25, 7pm
Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont Street (Hillcrest)
For More Information

Meet our San Diego County Democratic Party Chair, Jessica Hayes. Jessica will fill us in with all the latest happenings in the county and upcoming races. She will also explain how endorsements work, the A-Dem and delgate process, and anything else we would like to ask her! There will be lots of time for questions and answers.

SDASA July Chapter Meeting

Tuesday, July 25, 6:30pm
Giovanni’s Restaurant
9353 Clairmont Mesa Boulevard
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Americans for Safe Access

Unsympathetic law enforcement has been one of the harshest vulnerabilities for patients in San Diego. Please meet the San Diego Sheriff candidate who is running on reform. SDASA is pleased to host Dave Myers at our July chapter meeting.

Resist Trump Tuesday

Tuesday, July 25, 10am
Darrell Issa’s Office
1800 Thibodo Road, Vista, CA
Just Show Up

CBS8 TV News: Did Issa push city of Vista to quash the protests?

Poor Darrell Issa. He “respects the rights” of the weekly protesters. Except when he doesn’t. Keep up the good work, and we’re still waiting on the checks from Soros.

“They have a permit. They’re on both sides of the street. They’re sitting on sidewalks and they’re clearly violating their permit. Whether it’s George Soros or the ACLU or the various groups that help them organize they haven’t trained them how to do compliant protest. Would you please come and enforce?”

July 27

CV Dems Summer Reception to Benefit Deported Veterans

Thursday, July 27, 6:30pm
Mangia Italiano on Third
248 Third Avenue (Chula Vista)
For More Information

We will not have a formal meeting. We hope that you will consider bringing donations as listed on our facebook page or checks or be ready to pledge support.

The Courage to Create: Women’s Voices Concert

Thursday, July 27, 7pm
Moniker Group
705 16th Street (East Village)
For More Information (Tickets)

The Courage to Create is a project developed to provide music therapy programs through the International Rescue Committee, especially to women and girls. The programs provided include instrument instruction, songwriting, and group music therapy experiences, all with the aim of giving participants and opportunity to discover and develop their own voices.

Join us for an evening celebrating the female creators in our community! All proceeds will fund further music therapy programs through the IRC.

We Are Here/Estamos Aquí – Opening Reception

Thursday, July 27, 5pm
SDSU Downtown Gallery
725 W Broadway
For More Information

Join us to celebrate the opening of We Are Here/Estamos Aquí. Mix and mingle with the artists while viewing photographic images depicting the dynamic social aspects of the U.S./Mexico border. The selection of artwork in the exhibition shares individual experiences, explores the impact of border crossing, and investigates the ways the cultures of Mexico and the U.S. are shaped by their proximity to one another. Artists include Stefan Falke, Ingrid Hernandez, Tom Kiefer, Pieter Wisse, and Borderclick, a group of young artists connected through San Diego non-profit, The AjA Project.

Darrell Issa Street-Corner Protest

Thursday, July 27, 5pm
Encinitas Boulevard & El Camino Real (NE Corner)

Please join us every Thursday to protest Darrell Issa! He was the deciding vote in the House to approve the AHCA. He is a strong ally and backer of Trump. He is the richest representative in Congress and votes party over country again and again.

We have had enough of Darrell Issa and we will vote Issa out in the coming mid-term elections next year. Please come join us with your signs, friends, neighbors and family members. This is a friendly non-violent protest exercising our first amendment rights. Parking is available in the shopping center next to the Chase Bank and Discount Tires

July Dems for Equality Meeting: Asm.Todd Gloria

Thursday, July 27, 7pm
3766 Fifth Avenue (Hillcrest)
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Democrats for Equality

Join us for a special July 27th meeting of the San Diego Democrats for Equality as we welcome our very own Assemblymember Todd Gloria! Plus, we’ll be celebrating a couple of birthdays: club president Will Rodriguez-Kennedy turns 30, and club member Kelvin Barrios turns 27!

Also, we’ll be voting on changing our meetings to the 3rd Thursday of the month, and consider bylaw amendments to our friendly incumbent endorsement process.

July 29

Rally/CD49 Precinct Walk with Mike Gipson

Saturday, July 29, 9am
Vista Civic Center
Morris B. Vance Community Room
200 Civic Center Drive
For More Information (RSVP)

Join Senator Ben Hueso & Senator Toni Atkins, Assembly Members Todd Gloria, Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher & Shirley Weber along with Flip the 49th, Neighbors in Action, & LA County Young Dems Together to organize our neighbors and identify 75,000 voters that are ready to Flip the 49th! (They will be bringing a few busloads!!!)

The Alfred Olango 39th Birthday March and Celebration

Saturday, July 29, 11am
390 West Main Street (El Cajon)
For More Information

Alfred Olango would have been 39 years old and it is more important than ever to join hand in hand in a unified message of non violent protest of the El Cajon Police Department keeping the officer who killed Alfred on the force and furthermore give positive updates to where we are in the fight for justice in Alfred Olango’s name. Join us as we march for Alfred Olango’s 39th birthday and rally on the progress we have made in his name. Join the National Action Network & Alfred Olango Foundation along with partners in standing up for police reform now!

SlapJazzDanny and Friends Part Deux!

Saturday, July 29, 7:30pm
Grassroots Oasis
3130 Moore Street
For More Information (Tickets)

Last year, SlapJazzDanny & Friends absolutely got the Grassroots Oasis Movin’ Groovin’ and Dancin’. We are SO pleased and excited to have them return!

Potluck for the Homeless

Saturday, July 29, 9am
San Diego Harbor Marina
For More Information

As you know we’ve been building relationships with the local homeless of San Diego. Twice now we have brought them breakfast, sat and dined with them, and got to know them. It’s a really good experience. So good, that we’d like to invite those interested to join us on Saturday July 29.

Think of this like any other potluck, except a breakfast potluck. We will make a poll to see what each person can bring. You can just show up and bring your item, and instead of just handing it off, you can sit with us and connect with those you might’ve just passed by before.

July 31

Equal Pay Ordinance at City Council

Monday, July 31, 2pm
San Diego City Council
202 C Street (Downtown)
For More Information
Hosted by Councilmember Chris Ward

Join San Diegans to call on city council to approve the Equal Pay Ordinance, our opportunity to make San Diego the largest city in the U.S. with a local ordinance to help close the wage gap.

Campaign Training: Introduction to Campaigns

Monday, July 31, 6:30pm
8340 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard #105

Campaign and Candidate Trainings: Sign up here if you’re interested in running for office as a Democrat or managing a campaign. Questions? Feel free to call us at (858) 277-3367.

Other Stuff to Do

Join the ACLU’s People Power: People Power is, at its core, a grassroots member-mobilization project. Through People Power, the ACLU will engage volunteers across the country to take action when Trump or his administration attempt to enact unconstitutional policies or trample on people’s constitutional rights. By mobilizing in defense of our civil liberties, volunteers will build local communities that affirm our American values of respect, equality, and solidarity.

Sign Up For SwingLeft: Control of the House in 2018 will be decided by a handful of Swing Districts, places where the last election was decided by a thin margin. Find your closest Swing District and join its team to learn about actionable opportunities to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live. Check out SwingLeft here.

Sign Up for Indivisible. All the cool kids are doing it. (Really!)

San Diego Democratic Party Calendar Includes business meetings, chartered club meetings, voter registration events, election information, holidays, and other events of interest to Democrats.

Bonus for Reading to the End….

This is Doug Porter’s column from our online partner, San Diego Free Press.

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