OB Rag Readers – Thanks for Your Patience – We Were on Vacation in Mt. Laguna

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in Civil Rights

Thanks for your patience, everybody!

We didn’t post Monday or Tuesday as we were on a much-needed vacation in the local mountains, and had a cabin up at Mt. Laguna.

But now we’re baaack. Refreshed with new energy but bummed that the news continues to be bad.

Our attorney general stonewalls the Senate investigation into the Russian sabotage. Republican congressional leaders continue to circle the wagons around Trump, placing party before country.

And a small band of Republican senators meet behind locked closed doors to fashion a secret health plan that will strip millions of Americans of their medical coverage.

Meanwhile, the mayor of San Diego unleashes the most vindictive partisan actions not seen in this city for a long time, with his vetoing of the budget and his punishing those on the City Council opposed to his special election.

Anyhoo, thanks for not forgetting about us.

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