More from the Business Streets of Ocean Beach – A Photo Gallery

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Here’s a photo gallery of what’s new on the business streets of Ocean Beach. Moving from north to south across the village … we have …

Upper Voltaire Project Digging Deeper

Some progress can be seen at the upper Voltaire construction project. More dirt has been removed.

This is the future site of the 28-unit project called the Upper Voltaire Mixed Use. (for more, go here.)

Car’s Jars restaurant “coming soon!”

International Self-Defense School to Open above Plant Power

Martial arts school will open in about 2 months. The business is owned by 2 local brothers, Nick and Chris Mechling.

Ocean Beach Plaza Project Has Apparently Stalled

The series of medical offices at the corner of Cable and Santa Monica – destined to be the site of the new “Ocean Beach Plaza” – are still behind fences and it doesn’t appear to have been any progress on the project, a project approved many moons ago by the OB Planning Board. And it looks like in the meantime, homeless folks have camped out there.

The owner of Stephen’s Cleaners and Tailor – next door – was allowed to remain, and the business has been there for some 16 years. He told me that, “They don’t tell me nothing (about the project),” but he does see the homeless everyday.

Progress at Little Miss Brewery

There’s been some obvious progress at the future storefront of the Little Miss Brewing Co., OB’s latest beer pub-in-the-making.

One can discern new seating and tables inside.

Little Miss Brewing Co. logo painted on the floor.

Cafe Bella Coffee Takes Over Willie’s Corner

This has been going on for some time, but it’s looking awfully official – Cafe Bella coffee has taken over Willie’s corner at Newport and Cable.  Willie’s shack has been pushed to the side.

What’s New on Point Loma Avenue

The business section of Point Loma Avenue in south OB is still having troubles.

The empty building at 4705 Pt Loma right on the corner Ebers Street is still empty – but now it’s up for sale.

Trendsetters Salon storefront is still empty and for lease. However, Rosaria’s Pizza is still going strong, after 30 years I was told at that location.

Yet Sunnie’s Mexican breakfast place still is closed. The phone number listed on the notice outside is not a good number.

Nicole Grevelis

Nicole Grevelis, owner of Efficient Working Bodies, on the other hand, is about to celebrate her first anniversary on the street. She pointed out that with her place and the 2 work-out type businesses across the street, that block of Pt Loma Avenue is fast becoming OB’s exercise nexus.

Other good news on the street is that a business called Twins is opening up at the former John Baker Frame store. It looks to be more of a wholesale enterprise than a retail storefront.

So, that’s it, from north to south across the Village of OB, catching up with things on the business streets with the ol’ camera. See ya next time.

Compare this report with my report on Point Loma Ave 2 months ago.

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PL Local April 3, 2017 at 10:32 pm

Point Loma Ave and Ebers Street is now a 4 way stop.

Now to make Sunset Cliffs and Point Loma Ave a 4 way stop.


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