An Enemy of the People

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EnemyBy Ernie McCray

All I can say about the early weeks of Donald J. Trump’s “First 100 Days” is that he has shown himself, in that time, to be an “Enemy of the People” in so many ways.

And there are those of us who keep saying “Give him a chance,” a rather non-nonsensical idea considering how he abuses chances every chance he gets.

He’s had and still has an enviable chance, as the most known person on the planet, with microphones and video cameras at his beck and call, to guide us in a spirit of love, so that we can be the kind of people Americans should be: tolerant people; caring people, people the rest of the world should be able to depend on.

But, instead, all he’s done is bully folks with all kinds of Executive Decrees designed to make us think less of each other and treat each other suspiciously.

Just like back in the 40’s and 50’s when I was growing up in the “Great America” these thugs are trying to reincarnate. The other day, watching a pundit on TV, I had to do what I find myself doing a lot nowadays, shake my head. This man was practically swooning over Trump, talking about how well spoken and “presidential” his address to Congress had been.

I think I said out loud, “Well spoken?” The dude has the vocabulary of a two-year-old, with nowhere near the passion and sincerity of same. And, come on, how can somebody ever be presidential wearing orange makeup and a comically long necktie and hair a scarecrow would refuse? Did Bozo the Clown look presidential?

I wanted no part of his speech in real time because I think I had heard his voice the day before and two days in a row is more than I can take so I read about it in the paper the next day and he apparently had let the BS fly. I mean he talked about “passing the torch of truth, liberty, and justice” when he lies like it’s a hobby when he’s gone out of his way to cancel thousands of people’s travel plans simply because he doesn’t like them. This man treats “truth, liberty and justice” like they’re types of bad breath.

He, the most divisive and wussy and whiny of human beings, spoke of “unity and strength” and assured us that what he had to say was “deeply delivered” from his “heart.”

Heart? I get a headache trying to deal with the words “Trump” and “heart” in the same sentence. Heartless, maybe. But heart? Not based on anything I’ve heard or seen.

I’m sure his heart wasn’t in it when he said, regarding the loss of jobs and wealth to foreign countries, “I am not going to let America and its great companies and workers be taken advantage of anymore.” Now that begs the question: “Are you, Mr. President, including the companies that you haven’t relinquished as yet?”

His heart can’t be in his sentiments about “restoring respect for our laws” when he has been seen avoiding laws like a shifty running back juking would be tacklers.

Truth be told: he doesn’t have a clue as to what our laws are and, worse, he doesn’t care. Dictators, enemies of the people, don’t have any time for any laws other than the ones they embrace that are designed to keep citizens in their place. It doesn’t get any more heartless than that. But what can we expect from someone who is our enemy?

We can only expect that it’s all a front. When he asks us to put our “small thinking” and “trivial fights” behind us and tells us that “everything that is broken in our country can be fixed” and “every problem can be solved” and “every hurting family can find healing, and hope if we would join forces” – we have to ask him “What ‘we’ are you talking about when you spent months telling us how you were going to take care of everything yourself?”

Plus who is more “small thinking” and “trivial” and more distant from the families that are hurting and seeking “healing and hope” in this society than this man?

I was brought up to believe that you can tell a lot about a person by who he or she hangs out with and our president has some doozies in his inner circles, enemies of the people like him, people bent on running their schemes without the eyes and ears of the legitimate press focusing on their undemocratic actions.

People like Steve Bannon, Trump’s main man, who proudly spreads ideas of “white supremacy” wherever he goes. He’s at the genesis of all that comes out of the White House.

People like Steve Miller, a cartoon-like thirty-one year old senior White House Advisor who talks to us on TV about how Trump is going to pretty much do whatever the hell he wants to do (and can’t be questioned?) – with the passion of the robotic voice that announces who called us on our telephone message machines.

This president being everybody’s president is the biggest of “alternative facts” as it’s obvious looking in on our White House right now that he and his aides are screwed up people who are looking out for themselves and nobody else.

While so many of us have dreamed over our lifetimes of a world of liberty and justice for all, these folks have sought a world where they can just act as they please, consequences be damned.

We’re going to have to watch these demonic human beings ever so closely, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, non-stop, ready to stand up against them as so many of us have been doing. They threaten not only our wellbeing as a nation but the wellbeing of the world-at-large.

Sad as it is we have to forever keep in mind that the president and too many of his cronies are the “Enemy of the People.” And they’re just warming up.

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