Experience and Explosive Situations

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By Ernie McCray

1393622639_560e2dea50Scrolling down my facebook timeline
I found that someone had written words in line
with the idea
that Hillary’s lengthy experience
in foreign policy
makes her a better choice than Bernie
for the presidency.
The words went thusly:
“Consider… North Korea hits South Korea
and Tokyo simultaneously
with ballistic nukes.
I think Hillary could deal with it.
Bernie is unproven.”
And all I could think was: “Whuuuut?”

If whoever thought that scenario up
had looked a few things up
they would know that Bernie is no pup
in matters of the state.
And isn’t it likely,
after hearing such devastating news
about a country and a city
being nuked,
that Hillary would likely do
the same thing Bernie would do:
Pace around in circles going
“Oh, shit! They did what? Bombed who?
Oy vey! What in the hell am I going to do?”
She has no more experience
reacting to a nuclear war
than any other person on earth,
save someone who is alive
and survived
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
back in August of ’45.
And isn’t experience, in and of itself,
a bit over overhyped,
kind of a bunch of jive?
I mean, who hasn’t shown up
for an interview
for a job they could nail
without fail
and failed to nail it
due to lack of experience?
If it took experience
I wouldn’t have ever gotten any job
I’ve ever had
like I:
was once a lifeguard
before I’d ever saved a soul;
taught, having never, for money, taught a soul;
became a principal who ran schools
without ever having done so – with soul.
So who knows what Bernie or Hillary,
in the midst of horror,
would do?
But we do know
that there was a moment
not so long ago
when our troops
were blasting away in Afghanistan,
in retaliation
for 9-11 in our nation,
and then the next thing we knew
our troops were Shocking and Awe-ing
in Iraq, a place we had no place being,
to which Bernie had loudly said “No”
and Hillary Pretty much said “Okay, if we have to go”
as if someone possessing WMD’s
(and Iraq had none of these)
happened to be a sound reason
to bombard a nation’s people.
And thousands of young people,
including hundreds of our children,
our teenagers,
with a couple of credits in JROTC
paid for it dearly
when all they were looking for were opportunities
“to make a difference” in society.
Doesn’t it seem that saying “No way”
to such an ill-conceived travesty
should be the absolute easiest
“hard” decision anyone could ever make, especially
a woman,
a mother,
a wife,
considering that innocent children
would die
like so many
before them have
for centuries
in the multi-faceted
religious and cultural hostilities
that fester forever in the Middle East,
seemingly destined to never cease.
And that hawkish-ness
found its way
into “Arab Spring”
for all the world to see.
So the question seems to be:
What’s experience’s worth
if one has it
and with it
sees fit
to commit crimes against humanity
conceived by the likes of clueless and shameful “Dubya”
and snarly socio-psychopathic Dick Cheney?
What we need more than experience
is a passionate tried and true human being
who has “proven”
that he cares about
people from all walks of life
for all of his political life:
Our children sure do think so
as they ponder and tend to their world’s needs.
And we need, to indeed,
give them a little help as they proceed.

Photo courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/blueforce4116/1393622639/sizes/m/

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