“The Major Minus” on Their Way After Debut in Ocean Beach

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Major Minus bandBy Sunny Rey

Has the new EP, Shooting star, lit your sound waves yet?!

When the manager of one of San Diego’s top music venues, The Irenic, starts a music venture of his own, the city takes notice!

The Funkyheads of North Park had found their dancing shoes sleepy and uninspired for some time until the Major Minus came with all the tricks and edge that the cool kids had been craving!

Like a history bloated with great things that come about unplanned, the music of the Major Minus formed and swelled into the great solid sound it hits hard on in their breakout EP, Shooting Star, with as much surprise to the music fans as it was to the musical men themselves.

The band started as just a breezy idea off the cuff from Brit, the lead singer, to go in and lay some vocals down since he had some booked studio time to claim.  Last minute he asked a friend to come in and accompany him on lead guitar. This friend was Andy Solomon.

Brit and Andy continued to jam in the studio and were clicking quick as the music organically sprung and birthed new sound.  Brits friend Blake heard rumors a band was beginning and booked the guys their first show at the Playhouse in Ocean Beach.  The guys accepted the gig despite only having two songs tracked, two members and zero band name.

Under pressure to quickly assemble with less than a month to come up with 20 minutes more of a stretched set, Brit went to his friends Omar Lopez for rhythm guitar, John Talley on drums and Alex Garcia on bass.

The show was against all obvious odds a complete success that officially unofficially started the beast that is, The Major Minus.

After the show the originally drummer John moved to Los Angeles to pursue life as a studio engineer, he was replaced by the bands current drummer Michael Klamo.

The band has been united recording and playing gigs ever since it’s debut show in OB and is NOT something you want to risk missing!

Britt Midgette: Singer (Well Within)
Alex Garcia: Bass
Omar Lopez: Rhythm Guitar
Andy Solomon: Lead Guitar (Fuse, Sunday Night Heart)
Michael Khamo: Drums

Gap Band, Prince, MGMT, Coldplay, US, Copeland, All Rap and Hiphop from the beginning of time.

This is the bands first album together. Self titled EP released on Friday, June 19, 2015.

Upcoming shows: Friday March 11th 9pm at the Soda Bar and Wednesday March 16th a 9pm St Patricks Day property at Atomic

Band link: http://www.themajorminus.com

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