Women Vs. Men: Prepping For That First Date

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By Annie Lane

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We all know this. But there’s a pretty key difference in how women prep for dates — especially first dates — and it’s way bigger than shaving our legs, trying on multiple outfits multiple times or otherwise attempting to look cute.

In a “so sad it’s funny” social commentary, the YouTube channel Unsolicited Project offers up its newest video, How Women Get Ready for First Dates. In it, the woman tells her roommate: “Just remember exactly what I’m wearing right now just in case I go missing.” By contrast, the guy throws on a jacket and heads out the door.

The same way every Black youth has had “the conversation” regarding how to behave when confronted by law enforcement, women have to take precautions unconsidered by men when it comes to dating. I’ve personally sent texts to friends saying, “Hey, this is where I am, this is who I’m with, this is what he drives.”

I always kind of thought it was because I’ve watched too many episodes of Forensic Files, but no — these are instinctive precautions women everywhere employ. It isn’t because we engage in particularly high-risk behavior with obviously red-flag men, either. It’s simply that our personal safety is less guaranteed. That concept is worth a thoughtful pause as we raise the next generation of daughters and sons.

And for those of you wondering why a woman’s purse is so heavy … well, now you know.

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