Turning 50

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jim miller fotos may 11 02By Jim Miller

Last week I turned fifty, and someone asked me what was the most important thing I had learned in half a century of life.

jim miller fotos may 11 04I sighed. Never having been one to make too much of personal landmarks, my response was that this was just another day.

And now that that day and that question are already past, what matters most is the unspeakable beauty of this second as my fingers touch the keyboard, and I breath in and out and listen to the sound of my son singing in the background, my wife talking to the cat, and the birds chirping in the branches of the tree outside my window.

Purple jacarandas.

Bells on the cart of the ice cream vendor.

Stray clouds in blue sky.

A procession of the faithful marching down the sidewalk after church jim miller fotos may 11 05chanting “Hallelujah.”

jim miller fotos may 11 03The smell of the earth after rain.

It’s all here in this present moment.

Everything always dying, always being born.

Of course suffering waits like a tiger and there is pain and horror in abundance. And we are always running faster and faster it seems, chasing after something we know not what. But sometimes we stop–and then there is the fine texture and delicious taste of this sweet, precious, fleeting instant.

That I savor

And adore.

jim miller fotos may 11 01

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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman May 11, 2015 at 7:08 pm

Very nice. This reflection is what can happen as one mindfully grows older. Live in the Now. Savor the Moment. Seize the Day. Be astounded at how Time Flies. My daughter and her husband will turn 50 in the Fall. They have three baseball nuts, like your not-so-little boy, and a big Labrador dog instead of cats. It all good.
Blessings and cheers.


Debbie May 12, 2015 at 7:10 am

Your head is not stuck to your iphone and oblivious to all wonders around you….I think that’s terrific.

Happy Birthday!


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