Thoughts about the Super Bowl – 2014

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football electricSeveral years ago, as a new widow, I wrote an article about how lonesome it was to watch the Super Bowl without a companion to discuss it with. I have made it a point from that time on to always be with friends when the biggest game of the season plays. Today was no exception.

As the oldest of my group today, I was interested in the other comments about the commercials and the Half-Time shows. There was quite an age gap between us, and I was curious about their responses. As a group, there was total agreement that the game lacked excitement. Since I was the only one that wanted the Seahawks to win, I found that I had to temper my enthusiasm when the Seahawks scored the safety; when the return man from Seattle ran the ball the length of the football field; when Denver fumbled and the Seahawks recovered – how many times was that? – you get the picture.

We all agreed, for the most part, about the commercials too. Several times we would say to each other “I wonder what that was about”; or “ . . . why would they spend millions of dollars to advertise concrete?” or “is that the best they could do?” We all enjoyed the ketch-up commercial, but by the time it was on we had consumed several glasses of wine. And we are all dog lovers so any commercial with a dog in it was liked.

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” was probably the best of what we saw, but we had seen “previews” of it several times over the past few days. Curtis remarked on how many patriotic-themed commercials there were; none of us is going to go out and purchase a Honda in the near future, and we really didn’t care how many VW’s were still on the road with over 100,000 miles on them (Or was it 200,000 miles?) Sure, there a few funny ones, but nothing that stood out in my mind as great, and I do not see purchasing any of the things advertised over the last 3 hours.

And how about the Half-time show. Basically, none of us watching the Bruno Mars show enjoyed it. I find this very interesting, because one of my daughters posted on her Facebook account that “No doubt about it – Bruno Mars halftime show is the best part of today’s game!”

Well, that may be true, in that the game sucked, but, then again, so did the Bruno Mars show.  His drum solo was so-so; was there a purpose for it? I know he wasn’t paid for his half-time performance – and maybe he thought he would gain many drum affectionadoes but it seemed out of place here. His rendition of “Just the Way You Are” was nice, but his other pieces lacked something. Not sure what – but it left us wondering why we just spent the time watching his performance. My niece, on the other hand, posted on her “Facebook account “ . . . Thank you Red Hot Chile Peppers for livening up the half-time show!” She was right. They showed enthusiasm, musical talent, and enjoyment in their performance.

After taking a consensus of the people watching the Super Bowl today we all pretty much agreed it was a waste of time. The best part was the food, the drink, and the camaraderie. Oh yeah, and the groans and moans every time the Seahawks took the ball from the Bronco’s delighted me, but no one else. We may have different plans for next year’s Super Bowl – unless the Charger’s are playing.

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