Word to the Wise: Week of September 12, 2013

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Tarot dalizodiac_virgoBy Kelsey Lynore / The Tarot Nook

Each week, I throw a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs. The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts. Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


Although you don’t know where you need to be, you are certain of the general direction in which you should travel. It might not be justifiable to others, but you feel it in your marrow — so it would be misguided to call it a ‘vague hunch,’ right? You know. So trust yourself this week, Aries, and be brave. Don’t trust some authority figure or abide by the law of another. No. Get in touch with that most adventurous and primal part of you. Like a homing device, it will lead you where you need to be — though perhaps a bit worse for the wear. But, hey! That’s life!


What’s up, Taurus? Is the sky falling yet? If not, perhaps brace yourself just in case. But here’s the thing that you have to understand — As cheesy as it sounds, it is all for the best. Or rather, what you’re considering to be a cataclysmic shift in tectonic plates is merely the spin of the wheel. There is nothing left for you to do but mourn. And when you’ve finished with that, take a look around to see if you have an angle left. My bet is that you will have. To use it, you must be very clear on what is helpful and what is harmful, on what you can salvage and what needs to be tossed in the rubbish bin for good. In the meantime, consider this week a psychic detox.


The week commences with you feeling trapped, Gemini. Perhaps even victimized and abandoned. Your natural instinct is to be hyper-creative, to think of ways to start something entirely new so as to quit the past hurt. But that’s fantastical kid stuff. You’re not going to daydream your way free from this morass. You’re too far in it! You need to be bigger, badder, and braver. You need to confront the darkness of your current path and go through that long night, no matter what bogey man lurks. Do you understand that? You need to conquer this wild terrain, to understand it and, most importantly, to stop fearing it. It is, after all…. you!


You’re feeling a bit crumpled, Cancer, like a damaged flower. And it’s a recent missive that has you feeling so bruised. Here’s what to do — First, realize how small this new bit of information or recent realization actually is. I understand the implications are huge, but the seed of discontent is small, and it’s not exactly ‘news,’ is it? Second, pull back and get yourself some alone time. Third, process it. Don’t negate, don’t flee, and don’t reject. Just accept it all and put one foot in front of the other. Move through it. You’ve survived too much to be the victim of such a hiccup. And by next week, well, hopefully this will all be a thing of the past! The wisdom that you gain won’t be, though. You’re graduating beyond…


My sense is that you’re hoping to cut in line this week, Leo. All of that diligent transformation through which you have been moving and morphing is slow going. Are your hoping to expedite it? Well, don’t. Nor should you be seeking any justice or retribution for past slights. If you want your scenery to change you should probably start packing your bags with boring necessities, figuring out your mode of transport, and buying a ticket. Mindfully. Methodically. Meditatively. Let your mind wander only into the future and the foreign. Fantasize about where you’d like to be. But be patient and grounded through this, and do not get bogged down by the past! This week, there are no shortcuts.


My sense is that you’re going to get some bad news this week, Virgo. That is, if you haven’t already. Someone’s screwed you over. Is it your fault? Nope! Is it Karmic? Uh-uh. Is there a deep lesson in all of this? Uhmmm… Some people, nay, a lot of people, are nothing more than stupid jerks that make life yuckier for themselves and others. But I suspect you already knew that! So, cry. Be broken-hearted. But do not make it all about you or try and find some deep significance in what has happened. Cuz there is none! Only dumb, stupid pain. Mourn it and move one. Your mind is too brilliant to waste on the undeserving. So don’t.


It’s time to act on what you can intuit, Libra. I know, your fantasyscape is breathtaking. You can lose yourself in it for hours and find yourself replenished and satisfied. But your penchant for mental ballet is a hindrance this week. You need to move! And fast! You’ve been physically inactive long enough and it’s time to start manifesting this fantasyscape now and on earth. What’s the quickest way to do this? Only you can say. And only you can act on your private calling. So quit dilly-dallying and get on it. The sooner you do, the happier and more populace your world will become.


I hate the cliché ‘Work smarter, not harder.’ I hate it because I think it encourages people to be lazy grifters, and it seems to me we’ve already got plenty of that to go around. However, this week, in your case, it seems to apply. Although there’s a slight twist. That is, you’ve taken on far too many burdens. The bulk of these burdens are not your own. And while you’ve played the dutiful martyr with an ascetic earnestness that is impressive, it’s time to see if you can’t unload these burdens that aren’t properly your own and get some people to start carrying some of yours. We’ll call it quid pro quo this week, as you’ve been so responsible for so long. But Scorpio, seriously, it’s time to stop!


If your Baked Alaska explodes in the oven, what do you do? Is there some great decision to be made? Does it fix you to your spot, petrified in melting ice cream? Do you proclaim yourself to be a performance piece — maybe ‘Care Bear, sick with the flu’? Good lord, I hope not. You don’t have any heavy burden upon you, Sadge. You’re not responsible for everything that explodes in your face. However, you do need to clean it up. This week, be mature, stable, loving, and grown-up. And if anyone gives you an either/or proposition with you as the great decider — just stare at them silently until they go away.


The time to declare yourself is over, Capricorn. And if I recall correctly, you did have a few weeks, right? It came, it went, and you’ve officially moved from now to never. Whatever action you chose to (not) take, it’s time to hold. And my sense is that a hold now is a fold. So what’s the take away? Sometimes you’re too slow. Life doesn’t move at your pace. And it is your responsibility to make the appropriate adjustments. Instead of retreating like a victimized depressive, try being a bit more receptive and open to your environment/others. You need to reallign your tempo of living so this doesn’t happen again.


The land on which you stand is now barren, Aquarius. I’m not telling you this to bum you out or extinguish your hope. I am telling you this because you do have hope and you need to be pragmatic. Your hope is like a mobile potentiality, not at all dissimilar from a seed you keep in your pocket. Are you going to plant it where you stand? Gee, I hope not, as that would be most unwise! But you do have legs… so why don’t you amble on out of there and find yourself a new stretch of fertile soil? You need to tend to your assets and they exist in a future unknown away from where you are. So start hiking! And who knows? You may find allies on your trek to your new home!


Your motto this week is a Tom Waits lyric — “Blow wind, blow. Wherever you may go. Put on your overcoat. Take me away.” You’ll note, I hope, that this entire song is a meditation on alertness and receptivity to one’s environment. You’ll also note, I hope, that there’s no way to trick, grift, or cheat the wind. On the contrary! You let it trick you. You submit to it. You trust it, even if it always proves a thief in its own right. But sometimes, the greatest gift is a loss. By the end of the week, Pisces, you’ll be starting fresh with all the vim and vigor of youth. But only if you let the wind take you, like a new seed, towards the unimagined. There are no shortcuts this week. Trust the wind’s long route.

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