OB Rag Mayoral Poll: ‘It’s Saldana, then Coons and Aguirre and Alvarez …’

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ballot sampleOB Rag Mid-September Readers Poll on San Diego Mayoral Candidates

The results are in for our latest readers’ poll on the candidates for San Diego’s next mayor. With Lori Saldana on top with a third of the votes, Democrats did indeed sweep the field – not a surprise due to our generally liberal and independent readers.

Bruce Coons came in with a quarter of those responding (24%), and Mike Aguirre (14%) and David Alvarez (13%) fighting for third place.

The lone Republican in the race, Kevin Falconer, placed fifth along with Democrat Nathan Fletcher, both with 7%.  Marti Emerald brought up the pack with 3%, “minor candidate” choice received 1%, and the last option, “cannot or will not vote” also got 1% of those polled.

The poll was up for about a week, and exactly 200 readers voted during that time.  Even though once someone votes, they are prevented from voting again, there is no control of who votes. During the course of the poll, supporters of particular candidates would “swarm” the poll, with the resultant spike in votes for that choice.

Bruce Coons, for instance, head of SOHO (Save Our Heritage Organization) jumped ahead at the beginning of the polling and led it for much of the week, until supporters of the other candidates made their choices.  Lori Saldana then jumped ahead, ultimately coming in first with her third.

Some surprises, despite the liberal bent of OB Rag readers, and despite the fact that certain candidates have web savvy supporters:

  • Support for Mike Aguirre; he received one out of 7 votes, not bad for a former City Attorney. (He’s interviewed in today’s (9/13/13) U-T.)
  • The little support for Nathan Fletcher from our readers; only 7% voted for the former independent, former Republican. Maybe that’s why – shows the disenchantment of the San Diego’s left – and perhaps San Diego’s GOP.
  •  City Councilman Kevin Fletcher only received 7%; this is a little surprising because he has represented OB and the Peninsula for years, and there are conservatives and Republicans who read the OB Rag, and leave comments, and take part in polls.

Here is the complete listing for the poll:

Question: Now that the list of potential candidates for San Diego’s mayor has been thinned out, who would you vote for if the Mayoral election was held today?

Candidate — Votes — Percentage

Lori Saldana — 64   — 32%

Bruce Coons —47   — 24%

Mike Aguirre –27   — 14%

David Alvarez – 25  — 13%

Kevin Faulconer – 14 — 7%

Nathan Fletcher – 14 — 7%

Marti Emerald —     5   — 3%

Minor candidate  — 2  — 1%

Cannot or will not vote. – 2– 1%


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Janet O'Dea September 14, 2013 at 9:34 am

Tried to find your poll but did not get to vote on it but my choice would have been Bruce Coons. I would hope that Mike Aguirre would consider this feedback and endorse a candidate instead of perhaps splitting the vote. Though he makes some very excellent points, Bruce has the style, substance and management disciplines that would be embraced by a broader community. Bruce has more business/management background and it is those disciplines that are needed to take on the City Manager role — that is a huge part of the strong mayor. Kevin was our councilman also his votes were always with the business as usual crowd. Bruce is the stand out. We hope that the OB Rag will continue to report on these candidates because the mainstream tries to monopolize and promote their endorsed candidates. Thanks OB Rag!


laplayaheritage September 14, 2013 at 4:28 pm

Great new. Councilman David Alvarez stated today that he is pleased with the existing Plaza de Panama parking and circulation changes.

Councilman Alvarez also stated he does not see a need for the Bypass Bridge and $25 million taxpayer funded Paid Parking structure, due to the minimal changes.




Dave Rice September 14, 2013 at 11:19 pm

This poll was live for several days before Alvarez announced, no? Methinks, based on what I know about the type of readers who typically interact with the Rag (perhaps not entirely representative of those who read it), this could have had some effect on polling…


Dane September 15, 2013 at 9:46 am

David: as somebody who voted for Bruce Coons in the poll, Alvarez entering the race would not have changed my vote. My biggest issue, the Irwin Jacobs project, both by itself, and as a metaphor for selling out the people to help the business interests and developers, is something that Alvarez utterly collapsed on in his single term. He clearly does not have the strength of will or desire to stand up to the other Councilmembers, much less other groups he will have to if Mayor (Federal, State, County governments, billionaires, newspapers, and etc. )


Frances O'Neill Zimmerman September 15, 2013 at 3:11 pm

OBR Poll leader Lori Saldana has not made a decision to run for Mayor.
Supporters are soliciting voter signatures in-lieu-of-filing-fees in an effort to convince her to become a candidate.
Meanwhile yesterday Fletcher signs and door hangers started appearing around town….


JuanCarolos September 15, 2013 at 4:49 pm

While I’ve never voted for a Republican, Kevin F. is clearly bright, insightful, experienced (7 years on the city council) and pretty independent. He seems like a guy who knows what is right for San Diego and would vote for its best interests, not for the special interests. Can you say that about any of the other candidates?


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