Sex in San Diego: A Brief History of Sex Dolls

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It’s difficult to imagine anything other than a crusty, inflatable, creepy-looking … thing when picturing a sex doll in the mind’s eye. A likeness to the figure in Edvard Munch’s The Scream, though slightly more unsettling if that’s even possible.

But sex dolls actually have quite an interesting history, reaching back as far as 8 A.D. with the myth that Pygmalion obsessed over a woman he sculpted from ivory so much so that Aphrodite eventually made her real. In the 1940s, Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler devised the “Borghild Project,” which involved the production and shipment of sex dolls to German soldiers in an effort to lure them away from diseased French prostitutes.

According to a TIME article, Himmler wrote to Hitler saying, “The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores, picking up clients in bars, dance halls, and other places. It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health just for the sake of a quick adventure.”

While mostly generic in its appearance, the doll, unsurprisingly, had blonde hair and blue eyes. (Side note: It was also in Germany in 1956 that Americans Ruth and Elliot Handler found their inspiration for Barbie after buying the small Bild Lilli adult doll mistakenly thinking it was a child’s toy.)

The story continues until the most recent victory, shall we say, in 2010, when technological advances saw the creation of Roxxxy, the first robotic sex doll. Created by TrueCompanion’s founder Douglas Hines, Roxxxy is fully customizable and comes with several personalities, from Frigid Farrah to Mature Martha. Originally priced to sell at $7,000, a quick visit to the website shows that Roxxxy is currently on sale for $995 — proof that the economic recession really is as bad as all that.

To fill in the time gaps, check out the Infographic below provided by Medical Insurance. For a larger image, click here.




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