I’m Supposed to Feel Sorry for Phil Mickelson?

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Phil Mickelson

I think I must have arrived in “pity poor me” land without the benefit of a ticket.

In channel surfing a few moments ago, I was appalled at all the people interviewed that are feeling sorry for Mr. Mickelson, a multimillionaire that may have to leave California because he feels “targeted” by higher taxes being foisted on the 2% of Americans and he may have to change his life-style. Excuse me while I go puke.

Is he saying that if he makes an endorsement for a product and is paid ten million dollars that he will only be able to keep $3.7 million? (I suspect that figure is incorrect but even so … how many people earn that amount of money in their life-time?)

According to Forbes, he is the 7th highest paid athlete in the world, with a salary topping $4.8 million dollars and winnings and endorsements totaling over $43 million.

What an obscene statement to make that he will have to change his life style. What? Will he have to start riding the bus? (He sure won’t be able to ride that bus past Newport Ave. on Sunday’s. Good thing there aren’t any golf tournaments down this way.)

Mickelson said that one of the reasons he did not become a part owner of the San Diego Padres last year was because of the tax increases facing him. They only sold for $800 million. Surely he could have coughed up an equal share but I suspect it didn’t look like such a good investment after all.

His net worth is reported to be more than $150 million dollars and he is having financial problems? I should be so stressed.

It has been reported that his house in Rancho San Diego is appraised at $11 million dollars. Judging from the housing market today of more expensive homes, it would probably sell in a heartbeat. Too bad. I would like it not to sell so he could feel some of the real concerns the middle class feels today as their homes are underwater and foreclosed on.

I’m glad to see whiners like Mr. Mickelson leaving San Diego to better environs – for them – where they can keep more money in their pockets. How in the hell can they spend all that money anyway? Isn’t it too bad that he can’t do his share to help the economy regain in strength. Isn’t it too bad that $150 million dollars is not enough for him to live on. No, Mr. Mickelson. I have no pity for you. In fact, I no longer even like you.

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Bearded OBcean January 22, 2013 at 9:59 am

Perhaps he just doesn’t prefer to live in a state where taxes continue their upward march. What’s wrong with that? It’s his money, not your money, nor the government’s. It’s certainly a microcosm of what we’re likely to see in our state, if the answer to all of its problems is to raise taxes on the rich.

So, because he prefers to give millions to charity, instead of the government, that makes him a scoundrel?


judi Curry January 22, 2013 at 12:48 pm

Your words, not mine. I didn’t call him a scoundrel. I just cannot have any pity on a man that hits little white balls into a big pond and makes 48 million dollars doing it. And it is not just him – it is football players, base ball players, – basketball players, etc. I think it is obscene.


Gristmiller January 23, 2013 at 7:21 am

I can go with “scoundrel” and add “greedy” before it!


Judy Swink January 22, 2013 at 1:00 pm

I feel much the way the author feels about Mickelson’s decision and the reasons he gives for leaving California. Come on, just how much tax does he actually pay (unless he has really inexperienced tax advisors) and how much remains for him to live on?

I also thought about how interesting his decisions seems given his diagnosis (circa 2010) with psoriatic arthritis and how it might impact his earning ability in golf going forward. Howsomever, this man must have substantial funds at his disposal even if he quit playing golf given the millions of dollars he is said to have earned. Surely, he put some of that aside for the future?


nancy January 28, 2013 at 10:23 am

I also agree with the author on this one. Do you think this man has a heart enough to think of the many people making up to $12-15.00 an hr. and how they get by? And
his income is a FAR CRY from that. I have no sympathy for these cats in that category.
Obviously he doesn’t want to pay the high taxes, and I’ll be he does have tax accountants he pays to help give him all the deductions most of us can’t claim.

I say go ahead and move down South or to AZ and pay your air conditioning bill there.
See if you like that lifestyle, Mr. Mickelson. Course you can jet anywhere you want to when you get tired of the hot outside/air cond. inside living.


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