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Did you know that the OB Rag has a whole bevy of regular / irregular columnists?  We do, and you gotta check them out!

They are plentiful – and you can see them for yourself by going to the Navigation Bar just below our masthead and clicking on either “COLUMNS” or go to the “OCEAN BEACH” and clicking on that for a list of OB columnists.

Here they are – along with a very short bio and their avatar:

“From the Soul” by Ernie McCray

I was raised in a loving and alive home, in a black neighborhood filled with colorful characters in Tucson, Arizona. Such an environment gave me a hint that life has to be grabbed by the tail as tight as a pimple on a mosquito’s butt. With no BS and a whole lot of love. So, from those days to now I get up every morning set on making the world a better place. On my good foot*, and I hope my writing reflects that.

*an old black expression

Archive of Ernie’s posts…

“Are You Kidding?” by Shane Finneran

Hobbies: writing and body surfing
Favorite San Diegan: Tony Gwynn
Favorite Burrito: Nico’s bean/cheese/potatoes
OB Years: 27 (and now living in North Park)

Archive of Shane’s posts…

 “The Chronicles of Edumacation” by Doug Porter

Doug was active in the early days of the alternative press in San Diego, contributing to the OB Liberator, the print version of the OB Rag, the San Diego Door, and the San Diego Street Journal.  He also has contributed blogs to the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Voice of San Diego and is involved with the organization Educate for the Future.

Doug is also the energy behind the OB Rag’s lively FaceBook page!

Archive of Doug’s posts…

“Anna’s Video Pick” by Anna Daniels

I left a moribund Western Pennsylvania mill town the year that Richard M. Nixon was not impeached for crimes against the American people, and set off in search of truth, beauty, justice and a beat I could dance to.

Here I am.

Archive of Anna’s posts…

“The Widder Curry” by Judi Curry

High school dropout who decided to show the educational community what learning is all about. If it’s the status quo something’s wrong with it and I’ll scratch the itch!

Archive of Judi’s posts…

“Under the Perfect Sun” by Jim Miller

Jim Miller, a professor at San Diego City College, is the co-author of Under the Perfect Sun: The San Diego Tourists Never See and Better to Reign in Hell, and author of the novel Drift. His most recent novel on the San Diego free speech fights and the IWW, Flash, is on AK Press.

Archive of Jim’s posts…

“Ask an OB Convert” by OB Convert

It is said that converts to a religion can be more zealous than those born into a religion. Perhaps the same applies to people who did not get to grow up in Ocean Beach but have moved here and won’t go away. I may not be a native OBecian but I sure think OB is fantastic and it isn’t just the ocean, good bars and dog beach. It’s the OB attitude that makes everything else so good.

Archive of OB Convert’s posts…

“The Hitchhikers’ Guide to Ocean Beach” by Citizen Cane

Citizen Cane writes a column for the OB Rag called “The Hitchikers’ Guide to Ocean Beach“, where he highlights little known historical facts and other OB oddities.

Archive of Citizen Cane’s posts…

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